Does Celebrity Endorsement Influence Consumers Purchasing Decisions? (2008)

Celebrity endorsement nowadays has become one of the most popular advertising campaigns. Companies use many celebrities like movie stars, athletes and singers to endorse in their adverts in order to attract consumers into purchasing their brands. The public’s fascination with celebrities has helped marketers to utilise this marketing strategy and influence consumers purchasing intentions.

Even though endorsement of celebrities has become the most common advertising promotions, marketers still doubt if it is a successful and effective marketing strategy. Companies use celebrities for their fame so their glamour can reflect and draw attention on the product. However, some celebrities can destroy a brands reputation if they manage to get bad publicity. Therefore companies need to be really cautious when choosing a particular celebrity to promote their brand.

This study aims to find out whether or not consumers purchasing decisions are in fact influenced by celebrity endorsement. This will be carried out by primary and secondary research methods in the form of questionnaire and literature review. Secondary data will examine several models and theory and primary data will be collected using Microsoft Excel 2007. Results will be analysed through the use of histograms, pie charts and bar charts.

The general endorsement of celebrities has increased dramatically the past few years and primary research has allowed the current author to prove this. Results have shown that this type of marketing promotion is successful as long as the link between the celebrity and the product is strong and the target market is considered before using a celebrity to promote a specific product.

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1: Introduction
Focus of the study
Research Objectives
Dissertation Structure

2: Literature Review
Defining Celebrity Endorsement
Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Behaviour
Celebrities in Advertising
Source Attributes
The Match-Up Hypothesis
Meaning Transfer Model
Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages of Celebrity Endorsement
Disadvantages of Celebrity Endorsement
Influence of Age

3: Research Methodology
Secondary Research
Primary Research Method
Qualitative Research versus Quantitative Research
The Choice of Research
Questionnaire Design
Pilot Study
Sample Method
Restrictions of Primary Research
Ethical Issues

4: Findings and Analysis
Questionnaire Analysis
Age and Gender
Celebrities Promoting a Brand
Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement
Celebrities in Advertising
Source Attributes
Relationship between Product and Celebrity
Effectiveness of Successful Celebrities in Advertisements
Celebrities Endorsing Several Products
Bad Publicity

5: Conclusion


Appendix Section

Celebrity Endorsement and Consumer Behaviour Dissertation
Celebrity Endorsement and Consumer Behaviour Dissertation

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