The Effects of Internal Marketing in the Indian Hotel Industry

Internal Marketing Indian Hotel Industry Dissertation – In the wake of intense competition and increased consumer awareness driven largely by globalisation and advancements in information technology, businesses are finding it more and more complex to differentiate themselves. Therefore, In the wake of such intense competition organisations need to create and deliver those products with which customers can associate value. Competing on the basis of customer relationships, most of them have embraced applications like collaborative filtering, data mining and customer relationship management.

Thus there is a need to create sustainable competitive advantage by maintaining and improving the organizations competitive position in the market. To counter the challenges of profitable growth, organisations should not just emphasize on staying ahead of the competition, but should rather stress on making them irrelevant through the strategic logic of value innovation.

While these state-of-art marketing tools may be effectual, marketers often overlook a crucial, yet basic, competitive weapon: employees – the very people who can make the brand come alive for customers. Competition has always been increasing at a rapid pace and customers in today’s dynamic environment want the product at a quicker and cheaper rate. Have rightly pointed out that the logic of value innovation explains the idea of dominating the market by staking out new market space and thus generating a quantum leap in value, which is a result of creating products and services for which there is no direct competition.

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1. Introduction
Conceptualisation of the Issue
Development of the Issue
Issue Identification
Aim and Objective
Scope, Assumptions and Limitations
Dissertation Structure

2: Literature Review
The Need for Internal Marketing
Explanation at the Conceptual Level
Marketing the Products and Services to Employees
Marketing Information to Employees
Levels of Customer Participation
The Conceptual Framework

3: Research Methodology
The Research Process
Selection of the Hotel Sites for the Comparative Analysis
Research Tools
Data Analysis and Interpretation

4: Data Analysis and Interpretation
Analysis of the semi-structured interviews
Analysis of the Questionnaire administered to the employees of the Renaissance
Analysis of the questionnaires administered to the customers of the Renaissance and the Taj President

5: Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations
Implications for Management
Implications to Theory
Implication for the future research


Appendix section

Internal Marketing Indian Hotel Industry Dissertation
Internal Marketing Indian Hotel Industry Dissertation

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