Advertising of the UK Car Industry and Its Effects upon Consumer Buyer Behaviour

Advertising Techniques and the UK Car Industry Dissertation – The focus of this dissertation is to look at the topic of advertising and consumer behaviour with particular emphasis upon how advertising techniques may affect the consumer’s buyer behaviour. This study looks into advertising techniques and various differing advertising models. It also looks into consumer behaviour and how the consumer’s decisions may be affected by aspects such as motivation, lifestyles and perception.

Research is undertaken to identify the whether advertising affects consumer buyer behaviour. In this study, the author undertakes a questionnaire in order to find out the views of the population with regards to car buying and car advertising. The author found the results to be both interesting and thought provoking. These results gained from the questionnaire enabled the author to then analyse these results relating to the literature presented earlier on in the study

Results relating to effectiveness of various advertising media in the car industry are covered together with the main topic for this study. From the results obtained, the author was able to conclude that advertising does indeed affect upon the buyer behaviour of the consumer but only as far as obtaining attention, gaining interest and providing information for the cars at the heart of the adverts.

  • 10,000 words – 84 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for business and marketing students

1 Introduction
Introduction to the Dissertation
Aims and Objectives
Layout of the Dissertation

2 Literature Review
Kotler’s Simple Marketing Concept
The Marketing Mix or 4 P’s
Types of Advertising

3 Consumer Buying Behaviour
Consumer Behaviour
Psychological Factors Effecting Consumer Decisions
Consumer Decision Process

4 The Marketing Process
Marketing Process Models
AIDA Model
The FCB Model

5 The UK Car Market
Advertising within the UK Car Industry

6 Methodology
Research Methodology
Secondary Research
Primary Research
Focus Groups
Personal Interviews
Questionnaire’s or Survey’s?
Questionnaire Design
Bias or Limitations of the Research
Analysis of research
The Questionnaire

7 Results
Results to Questionnaire

8 Analysis & Discussion
Advertising Effectiveness
The Consumer and their choice

9 Conclusion
Main Body
Learning Outcomes
Further Research/Study




Advertising Techniques and the UK Car Industry Dissertation
Advertising Techniques and the UK Car Industry Dissertation

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