An Analysis Into The Consumer Experience And Its Effect On The Hotel Sector

Consumer Experience and the Hotel Sector Dissertation – With the world scene constantly evolving, and the emergence of complex technologies that aid communication in ways never imagined possible; globalisation, that allows consumers access to suppliers from low cost countries; the growing dominance of ‘me-too’ brands dictating the pace and direction of markets to mention a few, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to distinguish their offerings.

In this new market place, service is fast becoming a market qualifier. Good service is no longer extraordinary, it is expected. Many academics and practitioners recognise that good service is no longer sufficient as an effective differentiator for organisations that want to remain competitive. Nevertheless, a fundamental premise is that superior value creation is a foundation for remaining competitive. Furthermore, it is argued that this value creation is achieved through service experience. Meanwhile, marketers call for a paradigm shift from a good-centred logic to a service-centred logic, with an emphasis on the process of exchange and value-in-use.

This dissertation primarily aims to identify the factors of customer experience and as a secondary aim, explores how the factors that contribute to customer experience impact on satisfaction, effective commitment and advocacy within the context of the hotel industry. This research is of utmost importance to organisations since it is argued that true loyalty clearly affects profitability which in the past was generated by short term sales strategies like advertising.

  • 30,000 words – 130 pages in length
  • Outstanding use of literature
  • Good use of models
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Expertly written throughout
  • This is an outstanding research project

1. Introduction
Background To The Problem
Company Background
Terms Of Reference
Structure Of The Report
Chapter Summary

2. Literature Review And Development Of Hypothesis
Scope Of The Literature Review
The Role Of Services
Customer Experience
Relationship Quality

3. Research Aim And Methodology
Literature Review Selection Criteria And Quality Assessment
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Rationale For The Research And Context
Choice Of Methodology
Data Gathering – Stage 1 (Repertory Grid)
Data Gathering – Stage 2 (Survey)
Limitations Of Data Gathering Tools Used
Data Analysis Tools And Techniques Used

4. Data Analysis And Discussion Of Results
Analysis Of The Repertory Grids
Analysis Of The Survey
Summary Of Results From Stages One And Two

5. Discussion Of Key Findings
Objective 1: Identify The Factors Of Customer Experience
Objective 2: Determine The Impact Of Customer Experience Factors On Satisfaction
Commitment And Advocacy
Empirical Model

6. Conclusion


Consumer Experience and the Hotel Sector Dissertation
Consumer Experience and the Hotel Sector Dissertation

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