A Study to Highlight the Importance of Brand Awareness in Brand Choice from a Cultural Perspective (2010)

Brand Awareness and Brand Choice Dissertation – The consumer buying behaviour is an area of keen interest to marketing strategists. This subject involves models and thesis drawn from varied segments like psychology, management and economics. The existing literature review threw light on the fact that there is not just one factor affecting the consumer buying behavior. There exists multi co-linearity amongst the various variables. A few mentioning worth while analyzing consumer buying behavior would be price, quality, distribution and promotion.

While price is something which has been always exploited by marketers to get competitive advantage factors like branding have been exploited off late. Research on branding theories highlight the fact that consumer buying process can be shortened by making the product a part of the buyer brand choice subset. This is where we have made a detailed study based on existing primary and secondary data. Herein we study the effect of culture as an important independent variable affecting the dependent variable brand awareness.

We have done a detailed study based on self administered questionnaire to co relate the independent variable culture and dependent variable brand awareness. This in turn identifies linkage between culture and brand choice and answers our study motives. Critical negative reviews regarding the same subject aren’t available but also it’s worth mentioning that neither do positive ones exist. Most of the management authors have devoted a small portion of their writings to influence of culture on brand awareness.

To address these issues the research uses the statistical test of hypothesis in support of the subject of study. At the end of the dissertation one is clearly able to identify the positive relation between culture and brand awareness. To reduce the error coefficient the experimental samples are drawn from different cultural background.

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  • Good use of literature
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1 – Background

2 – Literature review
Brand Preview
Relationship of Brand and Culture
Concept of Culture
Cultural Dimensions
Brand Equity and Consumer Buying behaviour
Integration of Culture with Marketing Strategies
Understanding Brand Awareness
Significance of branding
Static Brand assumptions challenged
Brand Identity Prism
Physical Facet
Brand Personality
Consumer Reflected
Consumer self-image
Summary of Literature Review

3 – Research Proposal, Hypothesis Statement & Limitations
Research Purpose
Research Objective
Statement of Hypothesis
Research Problem
Research Limitations
Information Needs
Scope of further studies

4 – Research Approach
Research Methodology
Questionnaire Design and pre testing
Data Collection
Data Coding and Tabulation
Sampling Techniques

5 – Data Analysis
Data Analyses
Data Interpretations

6 – Observations & Conclusion


Appendix Section

Brand Awareness and Brand Choice Dissertation
Brand Awareness and Brand Choice Dissertation

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