A Comparison of the Marketing Mix in a Developed and a Developing Country (2010)

Marketing Mix Developed and Developing Countries Dissertation – Market opportunities emerge from both external and internal forces. Technological developments and ever-changing market environments are externally based, whereas research and development, and modifications of products, packages, marketing channels, and advertising campaigns, are internally based. Opportunity assessment must account for both.

Our rapidly changing technology underscores the difficulty and necessity of assessing marketing opportunity. Technological change creates not only new products but also whole new industries. Consider the impact of lasers, transistors, jets, nylon, or the space program. The most important long-term impact of the new space capabilities is that they open tip a new frontier for exploration and economic development.

Such developments accelerate progress in such areas as electronics, miniaturization, power sources, high-temperature materials, rocket engines, and controls, all of which will have great economic impact. Some may even result in the establishment of totally new industries. The space frontier will expand the risk-taking and thinking of businessmen into vast investments, with greater potential long-time commitments in global and interplanetary space. Similarly, concern with the pollution of environments will result in further development of the ecological industries focused on the maintenance and improvement of environments and quality.

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1: Introduction

2: Literature Review
Changing Patterns and Changing Strategies
The Changing Nature Of Social And Cultural Aspects Of Consumers
The nature of cultural values
Changes in values and attitudes
Market Targeting
Mass marketing strategy
Single segment strategy
Multi-segment strategy
Factors Influencing Choice Of Targeting Strategy
Stage of product-market maturity
Extent of buyer differentiation
Market position
Structure and intensity of competition
Choice of segments
Country Relationships within the International Economy

3: Analysis and Findings
International Organizations
Regional Groupings
Social Environment
Organizational Environment
Changes in organizational structures
Formal and informal co-operation
International customer
Analysis of Maturing Industries
Implications of the Transition to Maturity
Analysis of Declining Markets
International Expansion of Manufacturers
Phases of international market expansion
Role of purchasers in international market expansion
Other approaches to international expansion analysis
Summary of international expansion methods for manufacturers
International Expansion of Service Industries
Strategic Options for International Expansion
Product portfolio strategy
Product life cycle
Industry profitability strategic assessment
Market Entry Method Options
Role of Europe in the Global Market
Economic and Political Reform
Traditional Links with Western European Countries
Challenges and opportunities for international business in Central and Eastern Europe
Market entry strategies
Marketing mix strategies in CEE countries
Product policy
Pricing policy
Distribution policy
Marketing Communication
European product standards and patents
Role of European, National and Regional Culture In Marketing
The Case of Banana Wars
The Case of Nokia in Pakistan

4: Conclusion


Marketing Mix Developed and Developing Countries Dissertation
Marketing Mix Developed and Developing Countries Dissertation

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