Corporate Marketing in the Context of the Network Economy (2010)

Purpose: This research intends to explore how companies are managing corporate marketing (CM) in the context of network economy. Design/methodology/approach: The research draws on the literature about the network economy and CM. Furthermore, it qualitatively examines the topic using semi-structured interviews with managers of telecoms, high-tech (software and Internet), IT and consultancy industries.

Findings: The research proposes an evolution of the current corporate marketing models to satisfy multiple stakeholder expectations in the network economy. Specifically, the research suggests that corporate knowledge and corporate social responsibility must be considered in the strategy definition for corporate marketing.

Originality/values: The main contribution of the research is an understanding of the corporation in network associations. It examines in depth the inclusion in communities and information sharing. Moreover, it defines strategies that will prepare companies to face contemporary business challenges, where information is simultaneously accessible for multiple stakeholders.

There is an increasing recognition that marketing must focus more on corporations in order to respond holistically to multiple-stakeholder expectations. Evidence suggests that the corporate focus can generate results in terms of economic value and goodwill, thereby inducing a change of mindset from marketing products or services to marketing the corporation itself. In some industries, the distinction between product/service and corporate brand is unclear in the eyes of customers.

Specifically, service delivery is a situation in which the object provided is not easily separated from the provider because the context of production and its consumption are coupled. One example is the perception of the service airtime in the telecom industry. What is the service and what is the corporation in this case? As a result, in such industries, even when marketers focus on the product, the corporate brand is impacted.

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1: Background
Theoretical Background
Network Economy
Network Dynamics and Corporate Positioning
Marketing Strategies in the Network Context
Management in the Network Context
Corporate Marketing Models
Corporate Marketing Enablers – a Conceptual Framework
Corporate Marketing Focus in the Context of Networks
The research framework

2: Research Question and Objectives
Research Protocol
Research Gaps
Research Questions and Objectives

3: Methodology
Research Process
Research Design
Data collection
Data Analysis

4: Framework of Analysis and Results
Major Findings
Essentials of CM in Networks
Elements of CM in the Context of Networks
External dimension
Relational dimension
Internal dimension
Future Trends
General business challenges
Network challenges
Strategy focus

5: Discussion of Results

6: Conclusions and Critique
Further research


Appendix Section

Corporate Marketing Dissertation
Corporate Marketing Dissertation

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