The Impact and Influence of Social Media on Consumer Branding and Relationships (2011)

Social Media on Consumer Branding Dissertation – Relationship marketing and the exponential rise in the use of social media are two areas of research within the marketing industry that have previously been investigated separately. There has been extensive generalising of relationship marketing in the years prior to this current research, with testing of models and marketing practitioners utilising the many tools suggested by relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing aims to build lasting relational interactions between an organisation and its consumer. It has been suggested that organisations must go further than to simply satisfy the customer on the grounds of price, speed of delivery of service and customer service. The difference between marketing and relationship marketing. Marketing is the efforts to acquire new customers, while relationship marketing is retaining your customers.

Market research must play a key role in the marketing mix with regards to relationship marketing because organisations need to recognise who their customers are and learn more about them. Therefore database management is crucial. For example Tesco, a UK supermarket launched a loyalty programme which enabled Tesco to not only reward its customers for their custom, but to gain invaluable data to gain an insight into each customer.

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  • Includes questionnaire & interview transcripts
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1 – Introduction

2 – Literature Review
Motivation in brand relationships
Models of relationship marketing
Dimensions of brand personality

3 – Methodology
Deductive reasoning
Research methods
Qualitative methods
Quantitative methods
Measures of trust and commitment
Questionnaire questions
Pilot testing

4 – Results
Conversations within social media
Trust, commitment and relationships
The influence of the interviews and the quantitative questionnaire
Quantitative results
Computed variables
Engagement in social media and trust
Brand personality

5 – Discussion
Qualitative results
Price sensitive customers
Handling a crisis using social media
Quantitative results
Improvements and future research


Appendix Section

Social Media on Consumer Branding Dissertation
Social Media on Consumer Branding Dissertation

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