A Study into Consumer Attitude and Perceptions towards a Brand during the Course of an Acquisition (2012)

Consumer Attitude and Perceptions Dissertation – The dissertation aims at researching the extent to which customers experience and perceives the products of a brand as part of the overall portfolio of a corporate alliance or whether they have a differentiated perception of the individual enterprises forming the alliance. The buyer’s perceptions will be addressed in reference to the perceived quality, customer loyalty (likelihood of purchase), brand image and brand credibility and will be assessed to investigate on an alteration of the buying behavior.

This dissertation aims at investigating consumers’ perceptions on the incorporation of an established brand and how the general attitude and buying behaviour is altered in the course of an acquisition. The combination of two or more brands in a newly formed conglomerate implies a combination of values, principles and associations that might affect a company’s appeal. The study clearly identifies that brand dilution is a possible threat for established brands and implies the risk of lost credibility and loyalty. Branding elements are important to understanding brand extensions, and seeks to identify whether these elements apply to brand alliances.

Consumer reactions to, and their beliefs and attitudes about, various fictitious brand alliances are explored. Where brands do fit together, the likelihood of consumers purchasing the new product is improved Originality/value – When looking for brand alliance partners, there are strong consumer-based brand equity issues that need to be considered. There are many other ways to measure these variables, and because of their impact on consumers’ decisions, they should be investigated along with financial factors when considering an alliance.

  • 12,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing and business students

1: Introduction
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Rise in M&A activity
The influence of brands
New perspective on consumer perceptions

2 – Literature Review
Mergers and Acquisitions
Possible problems associated with M&As
High failure rates
Pre- and post-acquisition factors
Cultural differences
Post-acquisition management
Influence upon company assets
The Integration Process in M&A
M&A – Company’s Perspective
Popularity of M&As
Causes of M&As
Creating added value
Essence of a Brand
Brand awareness and brand image
Brand loyalty
Consumer perceptions of brands
Brand portfolios
Brands in Transition

3 – Methodology
Methods used to collect data
Methods chosen
Survey Instrument
Sample and Data Collection

4 – Analysis and Results
Sample Characteristics

5 – Discussions and Implications
Discussions and Findings
Practical Implications and Future Research



Consumer Attitude and Perceptions Dissertation
Consumer Attitude and Perceptions Dissertation

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