An Investigation into the Growth and Perception of Ethnic Food at ASDA (2011)

Ethnic Food at ASDA Dissertation – The rapid growth in international trade, tourism, immigration and globalisation has brought the creation of ethnic minority retail enterprises in UK. There is also growing competition among supermarkets these days. Many big supermarkets are dominating UK’s re

tail market. Some of these supermarkets e.g. ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S are in leading supermarkets. Because of high competition and increasing demand, many new branches of these supermarkets are opening these days, which is fruitful and profitable for the companies but not truly for the small traditional retailers. It has become universal phenomenon that supermarkets are taking place of small retailers. In recent times as UK’s economy is recovering from recession, customers spending power has been affected.

Customers are spending much time at homes; supermarkets offered much more cheap deals to attract customers. This situation raised more competition among supermarkets and there is a race in between them to offer cheaper products than others We will try to find out that how UK’s population is increasing along with world/ethnic food demand, firstly world food is not only need of ethnic communities but also becoming popular among natives, As ‘curry’ is one of the famous dish in UK now.

Till 1970s ethnic communities were unable to find their traditional food but gradually ethnic entrepreneur start introducing ethnic food in retail shops. With the passage of time supermarkets realized its need and develop its World/ethnic food departments. ASDA is one of those upermarkets which have expanded their world/ethnic food department, especially in ethnic majority areas. ASDA is one of the large supermarkets in UK. It is subsidiary of an American company known as Wal-Mart.

  • 16,000 words – 56 pages in length
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  • Good in depth analysis
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1: Introduction
Background of research
Scope of the research
Limitation of the research
Research objectives/purpose and Questions
Contribution of study
Research process and methodology
Research structure

2: Literature Review
Evolution and characteristics of UK population
Importance of world food and ethnic consumer
Food industry affected by Economy crisis
World food demand and ethnic consumer
Ethnic food
Ethnic consumers and retailers
Supermarkets versus ethnic retailers
Risk and safety matters
Role of Supermarkets to promote Ethnic food at ASDA
ASDA’s private label Portfolio
Company’s Competitive Positioning
ASDA’s procurement activities
ASDA Stores
ASDA Supply chain Management
Below cost selling
Changes in food prices
Operating margins for ASDA and other grocery retailers
Customized products
What is Procurement?
Outsourcing strategies
Outsourcing: Benefits and risks
Outsourcing in retailing

3: Research Methodology
What is Research?
Purpose of research
Research Design
Exploratory research
Descriptive Research
Analytical or explanatory research
Predictive research
Research sources
Primary Data collection
Secondary Data Collection
Research Methods
Personal Interviews
Internet survey
Types of Data
Design of Questionnaire
Research Testing Methods

4: Results and Findings
An overview of literature review and Hypothesis
Ethnic customers
Research questions
Targeted Population
Presentation of acquired Data
Interpretation of Data
Result analysis
Discussion and comments

5: Conclusion
Limitation of the research
Suggestions for the future research



Ethnic Food at ASDA Dissertation
Ethnic Food at ASDA Dissertation

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