An Exploration into the Influence of Branding On Consumers and Their Purchasing Decisions (2012)

This MSc International Marketing dissertation investigates the influence of branding on consumers and their purchasing decisions. Branding is core to the reputation of a company which also effects business’ publicity. Often the choice of setting up an industry or a business is often directly linked to this notion of reputation. As a company has a good reputation it may attract new customers which would create ones’ demand and ‘brand loyalty’.

Customers tend to purchase products from companies that have a good reputation. This is because as the firm have a good reputation consumers tend to ‘trust’ their products hence consumers will be more willingly in trying their products which would increases the amount of new customers for the business. As the business have more new customers its demand and loyalty would eventually increase. As consumers try the products satisfy with its quality most of them will be used in using the product and are unwilling to change to another brand. The company would also gain more consumer recognition.

Thus, such consumers will repeat-purchase the product on a regular basis. This way, brand loyalty would not only eliminate competition but also increases business’s sales and revenue and presumably its profit would increases as well. According to my findings, from the 100 respondents that were interviewed 57 of them voted that Sony had very high quality. Hence the hypothesis that people because of its high quality prefer Sony Televisions is true.

From the survey conducted 41% people said that the quality of Panasonic T.V was medium. The results from this study reveal that Sony is the brand which the majority prefers. People prefer Sony because it has very good reputation in the market since many years.

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1: Introduction
Problem definition
Overview of the Study
Scope of the Study
Background of the Study
Importance of the study

2: Literature Review
Brand Image
Brand Loyalty
Brand Equity
Managing Brand Loyalty
Managing Brand Association
Sony Televisions
Panasonic Televisions

3: Research Methodology
Research Design
Data Collection

4: Context

5: Findings

5: Discussion and Analysis

7: Conclusion




Influence of Branding on Consumers Dissertation
Influence of Branding on Consumers Dissertation

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