Brand Design and its Effects on Consumer Purchasing (2012)

Brand Design and Consumer Purchasing Habits Dissertation – Brand design is important when trying to market a product or service into a new or already established market. This study’s focal point rests on the ultimate question: “How does brand design affect consumer purchasing?” The process involves a comprehensive understanding of the most current literature on marketing and marketing theories, as well as a thorough review of three company rebranding case studies and a comparison between them all, and an in depth look at the design elements and features of branding and the branding process.

Additionally, interviews were undertaken, as well as compiling survey data pertaining to each of the four predetermined objectives to back up the researched literature. This research determines that brand design has a significant impact on consumer purchasing. Through researching the branding stories of Apple, Coca Cola, and Dove, there is an apparent overlapping theme in how they have each reached the top positions in their markets today: rebranding from the bottom up.

The study will answer the question, “How does brand design affect consumer purchasing?” The following objectives have been explored in efforts to understand more information on this topic:

  • Gain insight into the world of brand creation, maintenance, and expiration
  • Investigate correlations between the design of a brand and how it affects consumer purchasing habits
  • Examine the sensory features of brand design
  • Identify consumer purchasing habits/trends in the UK and US markets

Along with the above objectives, it was necessary to analyse these brands from an international perspective, researching their effectiveness more specifically within the UK and US markets. Ultimately, the dissertation disproves the following null hypothesis based on found literature and analysis: “Brand design is not directly linked to consumer purchasing habits

  • 16,000 words – 100 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questions
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Background Summary and Rationale
Purpose, Aim, and Objectives

2 – Literature Review: Sector Overview
Branding as an Industry
Revitalisation of Brands
Apple, Inc.
The Coca Cola Company
Unilever, Dove Brand
Comparisons of Cases

3 – Literature Review: Marketing Theory
Purchasing Habits in the UK and US
Consumer Behaviour, Patterns, and Trends
Design Elements
Colour Theory
Logo Development
Packaging and Products

4 – Research Methodology
Rationale, Approach, and Design
Target Demographics
Data Analysis
Ethical Considerations and Sampling Errors
Transcript, Measurements, and Mechanism

5 – Empirical Findings and Analysis
Findings and In depth Analysis

7 – Conclusions / Recommendations
Summary and Overview
Research Limitations
Key Points of Interest
Relevant Future Research

References and Bibliography


Brand Design and Consumer Purchasing Habits Dissertation
Branding and Consumer Purchasing Habits Dissertation

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