Importance of Relationship Marketing in Maintaining A Competitive Advantage – An Analysis of Vodafone UK (2012)

Relationship Marketing and Competitive Advantage Dissertation – The marketing strategy is one of the most vital elements which play a significant role in making a product or a service a real success. Most of the organisations define that marketing strategy is a way and one of the means to advertise their or brand or services to the consumers and the ways to reach out to them. In simple words, it is the action period after planning how to promote a company and achieve their targets. Marketing Strategy is very important for any company to reach its target destination.

Planning, defining goals, visualize a feasible strategy makes an important aspect of the overall marketing plan. Marketing strategies help to promote the company, brand, products as well as the services. It helps to reach out to the consumers in the market with ease as anything done without planning can end up in gaining a loss which no company wants or can afford.

Companies market through internet, as it is a faster means of connecting with the people and saves a lot of time and it is beneficial too. Advertising is also a part of marketing as it is a planned out commercial or a well-designed hoarding to make the people aware of their products. Marketing strategies have a lot of importance as without these planning and executions it would have been difficult to reach out to the mass.

No company can ignore it as every single company has a strategy of its own like for example slashing prices of certain products, if another similar product is launched by a competitive company, giving free products to attract buyers, launching products at an introductory price or starting a new service with low investment and the list goes on. So marketing strategies are important for every company and venture and experts are hired to do it well for better execution. The main objectives of the dissertation are as follows:

  • Examine the current marketing practices of Vodafone and evaluate its efficiency and the relevancy as per current business world
  • Examine how effective are the current marketing techniques of Vodafone to increase the organisation revenue rates over years
  • Describe the impacts of growing telecom world and changing business strategies on the growth rate of Vodafone. How considerable are Vodafone strategies in confronting the changing consumer fascinating techniques at present?
  • 15,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Vodafone UK
Research Questions
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Limitation

2 – Literature Review
Marketing and Marketing Strategy
Building Effective Marketing Strategy
Relationship Marketing
Elements of Relationship Marketing
Competitor Strategies

3 – Research Methodology
Research Approach
Research Types
Reason for Using Mixed Method Research Approach In The Research Study
Quantitative Data
Limitations of the Research
Research Ethics

4 – Findings

5 – Conclusion

6 – Future Work



Relationship Marketing and Competitive Advantage Dissertation
Relationship Marketing and Competitive Advantage Dissertation

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