The Impact of Internet Marketing on Profit Performance at Tesco (2012)

Aspects of Internet Marketing Dissertation – There is no doubt that the Internet is one of the strongest elements in the field of communication and information sharing today. Most of the massive development that is occurring across is globe has a lot to owe to the internet as a useful and reliable resource. Apart from actually helping some businesses flourish in their management and operating activities, internet has actually opened up opportunities for new business to operate solely on the grounds of internet.

This research paper is actually focusing on both aspects of internet that is, those which utilize internet as one of the resource and then those which are solely dependent on internet for operations. Through the review of literature in the following paper, it was found that one of the major reasons for the increased importance of retailing today as compared to manufacturing is the growth in the efficiency of communication (due to internet) and the fact that retailers are more able to connect with the customers than the manufacturers.

The focus of this dissertation is how Tesco, as a large organisation is able to connect with its customers and make value out of that connection. Through a mixture of primary and secondary researches, it will be found as to whether internet marketing has a positive relationship with the business performance and profitability of the organization or not. This research report presents to the reader an in depth review of on various aspects of internet marketing (and also marketing itself) and also a detailed review of the methodology and the approach that were used to reach the conclusion and recommendation for the online business of Tesco. Finally, as for Tesco, it has been found that it has both a strong global and internet presence and that this presence actually adds a lot of value to the supply chain that Tesco is today.

  • 16,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for business and marketing students

1: Introduction
Research Background
Tesco: The Case being studied
The International Markets
Research Aims and objectives
Research Questions
Scope and Significance of Research

2: Literature Review
Globalization and the Change in the Markets
Marketing: Its underpinnings and its applications
Internet Marketing
International Internet marketing
Internet marketing as a Way for new Opportunities and Threats
Aspects of Internet marketing
Online Marketing Strategies
Models of Internet Marketing

3: Research Methodology
Research Design
Primary Data
Questionnaire Survey of the Customers
Questionnaire Survey for the Employees of Tesco
Analysis of the Annual Report
Secondary Data Collection
Ethical Considerations
Limitations of the Research
Reliability of the Research

4: Research Findings and Data Analysis
Questionnaire for Customers Results
Questionnaire for Employees Results
Analysis of the Annual Report

5: Conclusion

6: Recommendations



Aspects of Internet Marketing Dissertation
Aspects of Internet Marketing Dissertation

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