Creative Advertising versus Direct Marketing (2012)

This dissertation is based on the topic of “Creative advertising and direct marketing”. Advertising may be considered a form of persuasive communication that promotes market goods and services. Advertising companies engage in informing, persuading, and prompting consumer awareness of the value propositions of particular products and services. Institutional advertising in any media demands payment it is not personal, advertising’s task is to identify the sponsoring company and/or the advertised product or services.

Political advertising focuses on promoting a party or candidate with the aim of winning votes. Advertising can also be used for social purposes; for example, urging drivers to wear seat belts, promoting anti-smoking campaigns, and informing consumers about protecting the environment by specifying a green lifestyle (e.g., recycling, being aware of one’s carbon footprint). In general, advertising creates as well as responds to new consumer trends, new media, and (sub) cultural contexts.

Thus, the development of green advertising can be seen as a means of both shaping new markets and reflecting a change in consumer preferences and desires.The first chapter provides an introduction to the topic including the purpose and significance of the study. The second chapter presents a review of relevant literature, highlighting the previous research carried out in this field.

It provides a study of previous work conducted in related fields and provides specific research related to a wide spectrum of thought on the discipline of direct marketing, The third chapter covers the methodology for this study. The analysis of findings and discussion will be presented in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter will conclude the dissertation, providing implications and useful recommendations for further research. The main aims and objectives of this study are:

  • To explore the concept of marketing and advertising
  • To explain the difference between direct marketing and creative advertising
  • To figure out the most effective of the two, direct marketing and creative advertising
  • 10,000 words – 40 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Outline of the Study
Background of the Study
Aims and Objectives
Research questions
Ethical Considerations
Gantt chart

2: Literature Review
Communicating a Message
Understanding creativity
Mysterious nature of creativity
Creativity in Advertising
Creative process inside an advertising agency
Marketing Campaign
Direct Marketing
Methods of direct marketing
Direct mail
Email marketing

3: Methodology
Research Design
Literature Search

4: Discussion
Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing Effectiveness
Creative Advertising
Creative Advertising Effectiveness
What’s the difference?

5: Conclusion
Future Aspects
Managerial Implications of the Study
Suggestions for Practice



Creative Advertising versus Direct Marketing Dissertation
Creative Advertising versus Direct Marketing Dissertation

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