An Analysis of Consumer Choice: A Case Study Analysis of Tesco and IKEA

Analysis of Consumer Choice Dissertation – It is a common notion to assume “more is better”. The evolution of the concept of choice has transcended society given the finite level of resources that abound to satisfy our infinite desires. The last seven decades have seen a progressive increase in consumer choice. Furthermore, the growing multicultural population of Britain has influenced the diversity of goods found on supermarkets’ shelves.

Marketers and business organisations have always viewed this expansion as being a direct response to consumers’ demand, and as a strategy towards business longevity. However, has such increases in product choice excites and stimulates our senses to produce positive responses? Alternatively, has it overload our reasoning, processing, enhancing and assimilating faculties to provide null and dissatisfying responses? Consumers are fairly certain of their preference in the present, but influenced by controlled beliefs and social powers they become less certain of the future.

Thus, a larger assortment acts as a cushion to absorb any drastic shift in future preference. Examination of the relevant literature on choice and its effects on consumer behaviour are notably positive.

  • 12,000 words – 60 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Dissertation Rationale
Project Synopsis

2 – Literature Review
Introduction to the Research Phenomena
Arguments for extensive Consumer Choice
Arguments against extensive Consumer Choice
Consumer Satisfaction
Theoretical Framework
The Theory of Planned Behaviour
Satisfaction Theory
Gap in Literature

3 – Research Methodology
Research Approach
Justification of Case Study approach
Research Objectives/Aims
Hypothesis Construction
Data Collecting Tool
Secondary Data
Primary Data
Tools of Primary Data Collection
Sample selection and Framing
Sample Area
Sample Design
Justification of Sampling
Sample Size
Pilot Study
Justification of Questionnaires
Focus Groups
Data Validity and Reliability
Limitation of the Data Collection Process
Ethical Consideration and Good Research Practice

4 – Company Profiles and Analysis
Corporate Overview TESCO
Performance Overview
Corporate Overview IKEA
Performance Overview

5 – Research Findings
General Findings
Findings on TESCO
Findings on IKEA
Statistical Findings
Internal Consistency, Scale Reliability and Regression Analysis

6 – Analysis and Discussion
Discussion and Qualitative Findings
Intention and Attitude
Intention and Subjective Norms
Intention Past Experience and Perceived Behavioural Control
Intention and Satisfaction


Appendix Section

Analysis of Consumer Choice Tesco and IKEA Dissertation
Analysis of Consumer Choice Tesco and IKEA Dissertation

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