A Study into the Role of Advertising for Fashion Designers and Companies – How Does Celebrity Advertising Impact Fashion Consumers? (2013)

The role of advertising in the market has been discussed at length by different researcher and scholars in the market. Their research has been clear in marking out the role of advertising in the market, as well as the challenges that marketers need to deal with to enhance their advertising campaigns. However, little research and studies have been done concerning the role of advertising in specific industries. Therefore, this marketing dissertation will look at the role of advertising for fashion designers and companies. In line with this, the research utilized deductive approach in collecting and analyzing data. In addition to this, a quantitative approach was used to collect vital data regarding various aspects of advertising in the fashion industry. Notably, the study used two approaches of collecting data: from the fashion designers and companies’ approach, and from the fashion consumer or rather customers’ approach. Similarly, the research analyzed core texts: journals, books, etc as a way of collecting secondary data. The findings from secondary research showed consistencies with those from primary research. From their (fashion designers and companies, and fashion consumers/customers) perspectives, various issues that affect advertising need to be addressed fro advertising to achieve its goals in the fashion industry.

These findings are also emphasized by different researchers and scholars who were consulted in this dissertation. The conclusion of this research takes us back to the research questions that played a critical role in addressing various aspect of advertising. As such, the importance of advertising is emphasized as well as specific factors that need to be considered when designing and carrying out advertising campaigns. In this regard, the use of celebrities in enhancing advertising is well elaborated. The research also provided various recommendations upon which further research could be based in future. This marketing dissertation has been undertaken with the purpose of understanding the role of advertising for fashion designers and companies. To begin with, there are different factors that affect how an advert is perceived by consumers in a particular market. For instance, some adverts are easily accepted on the market by consumers while others face challenges in penetrating particular markets. Among the questions to be addressed are one general and two specific for the industry:

  • Does advertisement have an impact on the fashion market?
  • What kinds of advertisements have the greatest impact on customers?
  • Does associating celebrities with certain brand have any impact on the fashion market? How do celebrities impact fashion consumers?

It is important to affirm that the above questions are not conclusive on the topic of study. However, they are particularly relevant for this research due to its scope, importance and limitations.

  • 20,000 words – 94 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

Background of the Problem
Statement of the Problem
Research Questions
Importance of the Study

Role of Advertisement
Impact of Advertising on the Market
Celebrities and Advertising
Factors that Enhances the Celebrity’s Impact in Advertising
Effectiveness of Celebrities in Advertising
Celebrity advertising and the fashion industry
Discussion and Conclusion

Study Approach
Sampling Techniques
Qualitative and Quantitative approach in Research
Collecting Data
Collecting Secondary Data
Collecting Primary Data
Data Analysis, Reliability and Validity
Limitations and Potential Problems
Ethical Issues

Secondary Research
Role of advertising
Impact of Advertising on the Market
Celebrities and Advertising
Factors that Enhances the Celebrity’s Impact on Advertising
Effectiveness of Celebrities in Advertising
Celebrity Advertising and the Fashion Industry
Primary Research
Factors that Influenced the Buying Decision of Customers
Consumers and Fashion
Boutiques and Fashion Stores: Communication Channels
Impact of Advertising on Consumers
Celebrities and Advertising
Celebrity Background

Impact of Advertising on the Market
Celebrities and Advertising
How adverts influence consumers
Communication channels in advertising




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