Gaining a Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Relationship Marketing: A Study of China CYTS (2013)

Sustainable Competitive Advantage Dissertation – With the continuation in globalisation, businesses are striving to design ways and means by which they can stay on top of all others. Focus has shifted from only gaining a competitive advantage over the competition, but also maintaining that competitive advantage. Relationship marketing has particularly gained much praise from the business fraternity and is praised as one way that a business can gain and sustain competitive advantage.

This research was aimed at gaining insight in how companies can gain and sustain competitive advantage over its competitors. China CYTS a leading Tour and Travel operator in mainland China is used as the case study to study the aims and objectives of the research. The dissertation finds that, the company has been successful in utilizing relationship marketing to gain and sustain a competitive advantage although amidst many hurdles. To further increase its competitive advantage, this dissertation recommends that the company should invest more in its customer service department. This dissertation also recommends that the company should Invest in the online advertisement and promotions will much help in seeing the company attracts, maintains and build customer loyalty.

This dissertation selects the Chinese enterprise (China CYTS Tours Holding Co. Ltd.) as the research object, and conducts corresponding analysis through literature reviews, questionnaire surveys and interviews for enterprise management personnel. To be specific, the research gathered will analyse the following three objectives:

  1. To identify what factors are involved in tourism hospitality relationship marketing and what kind of role they play in tourism hospitality relationship marketing
  2. To identify the impacts of these above-identified factors on the tourism hospitality relationship marketing
  3. To identify the way in which relationship marketing make its contributions to help tourism hospitality get competitive advantages.

  • 15,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international marketing students

1. Introduction
Research aim and objectives
Research question
Structure of research

2. Literature Review
Traditional marketing versus modern day relationship marketing
Competitive advantage
Relationship marketing
Business relationships
Internal marketing
The six markets model
House of Knowledge in Relationship marketing
Value Concept and relationship marketing
Controversies arising
Relationship marketing today
Relationship marketing current best practices
Relationship marketing and competitive advantage
Relationship marketing in the tourism industry
Improving relations with consumers in the tourism industry

3. Methodology
Research philosophy
Research Approach
Research strategy
In-depth Interview
Limitations of in-depth interview
Interview protocol Design
Data collection process
Data analysis methods
Research ethic

4. Analysis and Findings
The extent of engagement a Customer receives from the company
Customer Satisfaction Level
Attracting, maintaining and building customer loyalty
Situational analysis of current strategies in relation to relationship marketing
Current strategies used to attain competitive advantage

5. Conclusions and Recommendations
Customer engagement by CYTS: its relation to relationship marketing
Customer satisfaction level and its impact on CYTS
CYTS application of relationship marketing to Attracting, maintaining and building customer loyalty
Gaining sustainable Competitive advantage through relationship marketing
Research limitations
Suggestions for further researches


Sustainable Competitive Advantage Dissertation
Sustainable Competitive Advantage Dissertation

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