An Analysis into Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction – A Case Study of Tesco (2012)

Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction Dissertation – The Tesco Clubcard proved itself as a serving concern. The company’s key of success to attain this height is to create value for successes. They do the right things, in the right time to their customers that what they need and also understand the customers well. The company won by earning the new customers and maintaining its old and existing customers with the stable service for a long time. It works with its distributors and the important thing is its allowance by making the clients or giving them a chance to get a view of the needs of the end user.

The company succeeded only because of their new innovative ideas. The company is the second leading market before the Clubcard. It is a globally successful means of shopping through the internet and has developed economically which has serviced the industries and also debatably been the most prospering examples of customer relationship management. The company’s Clubcard is large that means the maximum prospering CLP function is applied to the public of the country among the huge variety of reward schemes and 40% of the total percentage is dynamic in some weeks and about 83% of the company’s profit is moving via the Clubcard.

Not many could then question or raise their suspicions about the card which stands as the proof of the company’s innovativeness. This quite clearly gives us an indication regarding the cards advantages and presents the composition through the company clientele such as inscription and so forth. The company might not have acquired this position not for the Clubcard and it is not finished as rapidly or inexpensively unless the loyalty scheme has a view of the work done.

When all the clientele speaks to the consumer and himself being in the spotlight, the company has made the consignment concrete. The card includes the features about the clientele offered and to whom it is done etc. It serves like the consignment for helping clients, and almost, peak-to-minimum retailer’s pragmatism.

The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the customer loyalty in TESCO and its customer loyalty program. The research majorly concentrates on the key factors of the Tesco along with its business strategies. Key objectives;

  • To study the customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • To analyse the customer loyalty and customer satisfaction of Tesco
  • To analyse the view of customer regarding the Club card scheme of Tesco
  • 15,000 words – 54 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Tesco and Its Clubcard
Aims and Objectives
Conclusions and Recommendations
Limitations of the Research
Strength of the Research

2 – Literature Review
Loyalty – The Exclusive Phenomenon
Concepts of Loyalty Classification (From Tesco’s And Other Retailer’s Perspective)
Loyalty Conceptualizations
Loyalty Frameworks
Approaches for Customer Loyalty
Building a CLP
Customer Loyalty Program in Tesco
Loyalty Approaches
Relation Management between the Tesco’s Concept and the Customer
Customer Loyalty Measures
Customer Strategies
Measures of Customer Strategy
Populating the Customer Profile
Customizing the Customer Experience
Tactical Measures
Rhetoric versus Reality

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Philosophy Used
Research Methods
Research Method Used
Research Approach
Research Approach Used
Data Collection Methods
Data Collection Method Used
Data Collection Instruments
Sampling Techniques
Sampling Technique Used
Reliability and Validity
Pilot Study
Ethical Issues
Strengths of the Research
Limitations of the Research

4 – Data Analysis
Shopping Using Club Card
Tesco Clubcard Benefits
Tesco Customer Service
Customers Shopping Experience in Tesco
Tesco Clubcard Satisfaction
Choice of Shopping at Tesco
Usage of Tesco Clubcard
Satisfaction of Loyalty Scheme
Suggestion of Tesco Club Card to Other Customers

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Retention
Future Research


Appendix Section

Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction Dissertation
Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction Dissertation

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