An Assessment into the Use and Effectiveness of CRM at Amazon (2012)

CRM at Amazon Dissertation – Online shopping experience has evolved over the last decades to be what has been described as the peak of online technology. In references to key concepts aiding the adoption of online business, the characteristic interaction of a vast class of factors have enlisted the operational platform of Amazon making it to be one of the most dynamic online shopping centers in the 21st century. The protocols the firm applies in the acquisition, management and sustainability of its customers have provided it with a huge operational platform.

The installations of cutting edge technologies in its major operational departments have provided additional factor analyses which have distinctly supplemented its growing potential. Online shopping experience has been analyzed in chapter four and various findings aiding the research work has been conclusively depicted to relevantly create a universal comparison between the work done and that referred by other researchers obtained in literature review. However, the research design involved acquisition of secondary data, implying data minimal direct research was conducted in the field. The reliance of data done by other researchers meant that an extensive reference from journals and books was necessary to obtain a standard research work with adequately research information.

In conclusion therefore, it was found out that further research would establish other concrete ways through which CRM could work in the way of obtaining relevant customer satisfaction. This research employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The researcher chose this design because it was appropriate for the particular study and enabled her to carry out research on the effects of Customer Relations Management on the performance of Amazon performance in the online shopping experience. Throughout the study the vision of this work was to find out the effects of Customer Relations Management on the performance of Amazon.

  • 15,000 words – 74 pages in length
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1 – Introduction
Background of CRM in industry
Personal Interest and Scope for Future Research
Purpose of Study
Research Objective and Queries
Research Questions
Significance and Scope
Dissertation Assumptions and Limitations

2 – Literature Review
Understanding and Managing Customers
E-CRM Critical Success factors
E-CRM Benefits versus Limitations
Amazon’s Relations with Customers
Segmentation and Marketing
Amazon’s CRM development
Customer Relations Management conceptual analyses
Customer Relations Management components
The Technological Theory
The People and Customer Relations Management
Business Process
Structural Advances and Customer Satisfaction
The CRM Framework
Building Brands with Customer Relations Management
Customer Value and Monitoring of the Client Loyalty Levels
Important Lessons
CRM Evaluation
Literature Review Framework in eCRM
2.12.4 e-CRM versus CRM

3 – Research Methodology
Research Positivism
Research Interpretivism
Types of Research
Explorative Research
Descriptive Research
Research Design
Research Patterns
Validity and reliability of instruments
gathering procedures
Data Analysis

4 – Data Analysis
Understanding and Managing Customer Relationships
Amazon’s CRM Strategies
Customer Relations Management conceptual analyses
Customer Relations Management components

5 – Discussion
Reflective Report
Significance of Writing the Dissertation
Dissertation Writing Process
My Learning Outcomes
Plan to write on a regular basis and to stick with the plan made
Making a time plan and sticking to it
Pleasant and Unpleasant Issues
What Can I do different Next Time?
Problems Encountered

6 – Conclusion
Summary of Methodology
Summary of findings and critical analysis
Research Experience

7 – Recommendations
Areas of further research


CRM at Amazon Dissertation
CRM at Amazon Dissertation

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