An Investigation into the Effects of E-Marketing and Online Animated Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour (2012)

Online Animated Images and Advertising Dissertation – E-marketing is getting more recognition within the global market arena due to many of its benefits and potential. E-marketing is challenging conventional sources of marketing such as print media, TV and radio. This revolution is the field of marketing is due to the innovation of increasing internet communications throughout the world. A company operating an internet blog can tap into global markets with relative ease and low investment.

Due to this facility of independency from the geographical limits it has come as a non- replaceable resource of marketing. After analysing the value of E-marketing the researcher has decided to explore the concept of E-marketing and assess its effect on customers by taking special reference to animated images. There is firing race in the internet marketing, every small company is going to market on the internet, so the innovators have designed a new way of E-marketing. In this way of E-marketing, the planners have used the 3D images as a tool to attract the ordinary viewers and to make them regular customer of the company.

However, E-marketing is not as simple as it looks because there are many factors attached to it and the customer response is one of them. The current piece of research will explore the concept of E-marketing thoroughly, then it will evaluate customer response and in the end there will be a conclusion of this dissertation. The data collected for the dissertation will be taken from books and journals which will provide an insight into the subject of E-marketing in relation to animated images used for the purpose of marketing on the internet.

The scope of this research dissertation is to include the customer response in order to check the validity of E-marketing and animated images in maintaining good customer relationship. The ultimate goal of many organisations is to capture new customers and maintain the existing customer base, so this study will provide a basis for this particular strategy of a company.

  • 12,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing and communications students

1 – Introduction
Rational of the Research
Current Position of the Internet Marketing
Purpose of the Research
Scope of Research
Problem Discussion and Research Question
Company Introduction: Global Communications and Marketing Solutions
Layout of the Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Marketing and the Internet
Why companies go for E-Marketing
How the e-Marketing is Different from Conventional marketing approach
Using Internet Intelligently
Customer Buying Process Model
Customer Satisfaction
E-Marketing and Customer’s Buying Process
Need and Want recognition
Information Search
Innovation of Animation in E-Marketing
Use of Special Effects and Animated Images
Effect of Animated Images on Customer Buying Process
Arguments Against E-marketing and Animated Images

3 – Research Methodology
Research Process
Research Approach
Research Philosophy
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Data collection
Questionnaire design

4 – Data Collection and Analysis
Questionnaire Survey Analysis

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Relation to the Research
E-Marketing through Animation: No Doubt Beneficial
Contribution to the Research

6 – Reflective Theory



Online Animated Images and Advertising Dissertation
Online Animated Images and Advertising Dissertation

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