Does Internet Banking Affect Customer Loyalty Levels Within The UK Banking Industry? A Study of Lloyds Bank (2013)

Internet Banking and Customer Loyalty Dissertation – This dissertation is focused on identifying and assessing the impact of internet banking on customer loyalty levels. The importance of internet banking has been significantly increased over the last decade and today, and a large proportion of customers prefer to use the products and services of those banks which are offering internet banking. The recent technological advancements in different sectors have increased the importance of providing products and services to the customers in a way which is effective and help to deliver the products to the customers in a convenient way.

The introduction of internet banking is considered to be a revolution in the banking industry and the internet has been widely used by different types of organisations and it is also playing an important role to promote banking products and services. The researcher has used both primary and secondary methods in order to conduct this research. The primary data was collected with the help of questionnaire survey and interview method. The survey was conducted with the employees of Lloyds Bank and the researcher has arranged the interview with the branch manager of Lloyds Bank.

The investigator has collected secondary data through the academic journals, books and articles. The research findings shows that the banking services offered through internet are getting popular day by day and it is helping out the banking firms to increase their business revenue and expand their customer’s base. The research outcomes also shows that internet in the banking sector has created a positive impact on the business operations and profitability of the organisations. Dissertation objectives;

  • To analyze impact of internet on customer loyalty in British banks
  • To understand the importance of internet marketing in the modern business world
  • Evaluation of impact internet has on customer loyalty in British banking system
  • Positive approach and negative approach of using internet banking as per customer and banks
  • 15,000 words – 70 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Study Background
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Research Rationale
Summary and Conclusion

2: Literature Review
Internet Effects on Customer Retention and Loyalty
Impact of Customer Loyalty on Business Profits
Role of Internet Marketing In Ensuring Client Loyalty
Importance of Internet in Present Business World
Pros and Cons of Using Internet Banking
Summary and Conclusion

3: Research Methodology
Research Methods
Questionnaire Survey
Research Ethical Considerations
Summary and Conclusion

4: Research Findings and Analysis
Analysis of Survey
Analysis of Interview
Summary and Conclusion

5: Conclusion and Recommendations


Appendix Section

Internet Banking and Customer Loyalty Dissertation
Internet Banking and Customer Loyalty Dissertation

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