Can Mass Media Advertising Increase Consumer Perception To Better Brand Credibility? An Investigation into Coca Cola’s UK Advertising Strategies (2013)

This final year dissertation is focused on analyzing the role of mass media advertising in improving the consumer perception to better brand credibility which will results in improved business profitability. The topic selected by the researcher for this dissertation is Can mass media advertising increase consumer perception to better brand credibility? The researcher has considered the case study of Coca Cola which is a renowned beverage company having its business operations in different parts of the world.

There is general perception in the modern world that business profitability of the organizations is largely dependent on the image which customers are having in their minds about the brands of the company. Organisations which are able to build a good market image in the minds of the target customers are more likely to achieve higher level of sales revenues. This increases the importance of the company’s different activities of the organization which are focused on building a good image and highlight the positive aspects of the business operations of the company.

Coca Cola is one of those organizations in the modern world which have implemented many strategies in order to build and position the brand in the minds of its customers worldwide. In the UK, Coca Cola is the leading brand among the category of all the soft drinks. The effective marketing strategies of the company which are focused on building the brand credibility is one of the most important factors which have helped the management of Coca Cola to achieve the market leadership position in different markets. For this particular study, the researcher has considered the secondary data collection methods in order to collect the data for research analysis purpose and to generate the main outcomes of the study. The present research is a qualitative case study.

The study has used both existing literatures and the analysis of the case study of Coca Cola Company has been conducted with theoretical perspectives in order to generate the specific research findings. The research outcomes reflect that brands are used in order to create product differentiation in the market place and enable the target consumers to recognize the specific products of the company. The study findings shows that Coke has been considered as one of the biggest spending brands on television and the majority of the marketing budgets are used in order to design and run TV commercials which helps a great deal in order to persuade the customers and generate the sales.

The main findings of the study show that management of Coca Cola is not only emphasizing on designing and implementing the mass media advertising strategies but it is also ensuring that quality of the products is high and according to the customer’s expectations. The research findings show that management of Coca Cola is effectively using brand endorsement strategy in order market its products in different regions of the world.

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1: Introduction
Study Background
Company Background
Research Questions
Research Aim and Objectives
Aim of the Research
Research Objectives

2: Literature Review
Concept of Brand Credibility
Why Brand Credibility Is Important
Importance of Mass Media Advertising for Modern Firms
Impact of Advertising on Business Profitability
Coca Cola Mass Media Advertising Strategies
Impact of Marketing Activities on Business Performance
Theoretical Framework

3: Research Methodology
Research Approach
Case Study Method
Data Collection Methods
Research Significance
Ethical Issues in Research

4: Results and Findings
Analysis of Case Study
Main Outcomes of Research Study

5: Conclusion and Recommendations


Mass Media Advertising at Coca Cola Dissertation
Mass Media Advertising at Coca Cola Dissertation

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