Comparative Analysis of Marketing Strategy Effectiveness. Cadbury Versus Thorntons (2013)

Marketing Strategy Effectiveness Dissertation – This research dissertation will discuss the importance of effective marketing strategies which can help an organization to effectively market their products to the target customers. The organization selected for this research is Cadbury and the researcher has examined the marketing strategies of Cadbury and compared it with the business strategies of Thorntons. In the present business world, the marketing strategies of the company can play a huge role in the business success.

The way companies are marketing their products to their customers can help a great deal in order to achieve the competitive advantage. The effective marketing strategies of the company are very helpful in achieving improved percentage of business revenues. Cadbury is a well known company and its brands are very famous all over the world. The organizational leadership is focusing in order to enhance the effectiveness of the organizational marketing strategies. One of the main reasons behind the success of Cadbury brands is that management is focused on designing and implementing effective product marketing strategies.

In order to conduct this study, a mixed methodology is used by the researcher which consists of both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The main outcomes of the research show that effective marketing strategies are very important for the firms operating in the present business world. The marketing strategies helped the organizations to achieve their marketing objectives which are helpful in achieving the overall business objectives. The research outcomes also show that effective marketing strategies are very crucial for the firms because it provides clear direction to management regarding the business targets which needs to be achieved through the marketing efforts.

The research findings shows that in order to ensure the success of the marketing strategies of the firm, the management need to study the attributes of its target customers very carefully because the courses of marketing actions which are taken by the management after analyzing the target market are more likely to be successful. The main findings of the research also show that the success of the organizational marketing strategies cannot be exactly measured, however, if marketing strategies results in increased customer’s base and improved business revenues then it reflect that marketing strategies of the company are successful.

Research Questions

  • How the marketing strategies of Cadbury are helping out the organization to achieve competitive advantage over its competitors?
  • Why marketing strategies of the organization are important and how it can help out the firms to achieve business growth and success?

Research Objectives

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategies of Cadbury
  • To compare the marketing strategies of Cadbury with Thorntons
  • To identify the impact of effective marketing strategies on the business profitability

  • 10,000 words – 36 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questions
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Dissertation Structure
Research Questions
Research Objectives
Research Rationale
Company Background

2: Literature Review
Product Marketing and Business Strategies for Cadbury
Marketing Strategies and Business Profitability
Marketing Strategies and Competitive Advantage

3: Research Methodology
Data Collection Methods
Questionnaire Survey

4: Research Findings and Analysis
Analysis of Quantitative Data (Questionnaire Survey)
Analysis of Quantitative Data (Managerial Interview)
Outcomes of Research Study

5: Final Conclusion and Recommendations
Final Conclusions


Survey Questionnaire

Marketing Strategy Effectiveness Dissertation
Marketing Strategy Effectiveness Dissertation

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