Brand Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement: The Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour (2013)

Brand Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement Dissertation – Celebrity endorsement is considered to be a common technique used in the marketing domain and several researches have been conducted to study its effect on advertisement. This research concentrates on understanding the perception of the users and their association with the celebrity endorsement. Metaphor elicitation’s modified form had been used in order to determine the main constructs in the sample considered, which comprised of staff of the University.

The outcomes of this study has verified the significance of the perceived credibility of the representative and the image fit together with the circumstance of the credibility and the risks associated with over endorsement and overshadowing. The objective of this research is to demonstrate that the proper and appropriate use of matched product endorser in promotions and advertisements can have a substantial influence on the taste and preferences of consumer, by changing the use perception on the performance of the product and its quality.

It should be noted that large amount of investments are made in the advertisement domain. A recent estimate suggested that about 25% of advertisements employ celebrity endorsers. Research that supports this approach asserts that this technique can help in earning favourable advertisement ratings and evaluations of the product and it can increase the profitability of organizations, which use this practice. Proponents of this approach believe that this approach is effective because consumers believe that celebrities are sincere and motivated by true affection for the product and are not influenced by fees that they are given for the endorsement.

Many scholars come to the conclusion that stars are effective endorsers as their fans believe that they are trustworthy, reliable, lovable and convincing. Even though the outcomes of this study clearly favour the celebrity endorsement technique, other studies indicate that suggests that this technique varies in terms of effectiveness and efficiency and depends on the attributes that “match” between the star and the product that is being advertised.

Dissertation Objectives

  • How properly devised and planned product endorser in the advertisement domain can influence the tastes and preferences of the consumer substantially?
  • To investigate and study the influence of celebrity endorsement towards consumer
  • How celebrity can help consumers in identification of brands and products
  • To know the consumer’s perception and thoughts about the celebrity endorsements
  • 20,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent use of statistical analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Problem statement
Purpose of the Study
Objectives of the Research
Significance of the Study
Limitations of the Study
Structure of the Dissertation

2: Literature Review
Definition of Celebrities
Celebrity Endorser
Celebrities and Advertising
Relationship between Celebrity and Brand
Brand Personality
Brand, Celebrities and Consumers
Consumers Self Concept
Celebrities as Spokespersons
Source Credibility and Attractiveness
Marketers: Influence on Purchase Intentions
The Match-up Hypothesis
The Meaning Transfer Model
Selection of Celebrity
Attribution Theory and Endorsement Effectiveness

3: Methodology
Quantitative Research
Hypothesis Formulation
Dependent Variables
Independent Variable Fit
Ownership Status
Experiment Design
Pre-Test 1 on Celebrity and Attribute Determination
Pre-Test 2 on Product Pool Selection
Pre-Test Final Results
Hypotheses Testing

4: Result Analysis and Discussion
Evaluation of the Endorser
Hypothesis 1 – The perceived quality of the product
Hypothesis 2 – Credibility and Relevance of Information
Hypothesis 3 – Endorser Effect on Quality Perception
Hypothesis 4 – The Effect of the Mismatched Endorser

5: Conclusions
Producer’s Perspective and Conclusions Concerning the Hypotheses
Consumer’s Perspective
Final Conclusions
Future Research


Appendix Section

Brand Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement Dissertation
Brand Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement Dissertation

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