Improving Customer Relations through Relationship Marketing – A Case Study Of Dewart Engineering (2013)

This dissertation was driven by the increasing questions of implementing CRM (Customer Relations Management) strategies by entities as they try to be more relevant to the needs of their target markets. Meeting the needs of the market as an approach to developing a market base is regarded as one of the most effective theoretical approach to business. However, academic and practitioner literature on exact details of implementing customer based strategies is inconsistent.

Hence, the aim of this dissertation is to establish the significant reasons, components, benefits and key factors of CRM implementation. A case study of a UK based engineering company was conducted for achieving the objective of this thesis. This dissertation employs content and case analysis to determine the factors and principles that must be adhered to in the implementation of strategies aimed at developing better business-customer relationship to develop a framework that can guide Dewart Engineering in developing robust customer based strategies.

The findings show that engineering and service companies can benefit from CRM implementation as CRM provides them with a competitive corporate advantage. Whilst, the CRM implementation, the case study company also attained some levels of benefits during the process. Finally, the study reveals that the sampled company strategically achieved a complete (360 degree) view of the customer by the implementation of CRM.

The right blend of CRM implementation components and key factors should be given significant importance by each company. The case study will critically evaluate and report on the key factors and components utilised by Dewart Engineering for implementing CRM. The study will also determine the benefits and competitive advantage brought to case company by the implementation of CRM.

  • 17,000 words – 56 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
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  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
CRM Background
Implementation of CRM
The Case Company – Dewart Engineering

2 – Literature Review
Customer Relationship Management
CRM as a Competitive Strategy
Differential Analysis of Customer and Organisational Perception
Customers Satisfaction and CRM
Relationship Marketing through Customer Perceptions
CRM in Industrial Management

3 – Methodology
Research Purpose
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Time Horizons
Research Conduct
Data Analysis
Data Quality
Ethical Considerations

4 – Data Presentation and Results
The Case Company: Dewart Engineering
Data Representation of Questionnaire
CRM Implementation in Dewart Engineering

5 – Research Analysis
Case Analysis: Dewart Engineering
What are the benefits for Dewart Engineering implementing CRM?
How can Dewart Engineering implement the core components of CRM initiatives?
Key factors of CRM Implementation influencing Dewart Engineering leadership, strategy and integration?

6 – Conclusions
The Concept of CRM at Dewart Engineering
What are the benefits for Dewart Engineering implementing CRM?
How Can Dewart Engineering Implement The Core Components Of CRM Initiatives?
Key Factors of CRM Implementation Influencing Dewart Engineering Leadership, Strategy and Integration?

7 – Future Recommendations
Recommendations for Management/ Practitioners
Applicability of Conducted Research on Theory
Recommendations for Further Research


Appendix Section

Customer Relations and Relationship Marketing Dissertation
Customer Relations and Relationship Marketing Dissertation

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