Impact of Online Social Media Activities on the Brand Choice of Consumers (2015)

Social Media Activities on the Brand Choice of Consumers Dissertation – Social media has completely revolutionised the way people communicated and interacted with each other. Whilst, networking is the sole intention behind social media, most of the brands however, are capitalising upon social media as an emerging source of advertising, to which consumers so far have shown their positive response.

On daily basis there are approximately 700,000 of posts posted on Facebook, 100,000 of tweets, 2 million search queries, 48 hours of video uploaded on YouTube, 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram and 570 websites are created (James, 2012). Apart from creating a new grid of personal connection, big businesses have seen enormous opportunities for their brands and are eager to tap this emerging trend. This research focuses on both the actors of the social media i.e. consumers and the brands.

The first research question primarily deals with how and why a general consumer interacts with the brands on the social media. As a part of this research 104 responses of different respondents were analysed and was found that Facebook is the favourite social media platform among the young consumers.

It was further observed that most consumers who have installed social media apps on their smartphones like to associate themselves with their favourite brand. Needless to say that most of these consumers found social media easy to use (there were however exceptional cases with a consumer using social media platforms like Google+ and Pinterest) and by large most of the respondents were either ready to extra or postpone their purchase (if their favourite brand is unavailable in the market) for their most loved brand. More than 70% of the consumers have liked at least one brand on their social media webpage and more than 80% of total respondents have either made or have been inspired to make a purchase through social media.

The second part of the research looked at the case studies of two established brands, Oreo and ASOS, both of which have at least 2 million followers on the Facebook. The case studies of both the brands revealed that while Oreo strives to involve consumers (around the globe) into their discussions, ASOS, however strives to be consistent in their social media strategy. Although both of the consumers run advertising campaigns during the year that involves consumers, Oreo however gives a personal approach to its consumers.

The report concludes with discussing key points of the findings and draws out recommendations for emerging brands. Although social media is a promising channel of advertising, however the traditional media of advertising still holds its importance and cannot be replaced with the modern cult.

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1: Introduction and Background
Marketing Communication
The Social Media
The Research Problem
Research Objectives
Impact of Social Media Activities on the Consumer
Customers numbers are growing through increased usage of social media platforms
Organisation Extensively Uses Social Media
Research Hypothesis

2: Literature Review
Different categories of Social Media
Reasons to Communicate
The Communication Model
The Online Marketing Communication Mix
Search Engine Marketing
The Online Public Relation
The Interactive Advertisement
The Opt In Email
Viral Marketing
The Social Media
Objectives, strategies and tactics for Social Media Marketing
Measuring Social Media Marketing Activities
The Viral Advertising on Facebook

3: Research Methodology
Data Collection Method
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Sampling Technique
The Research Strategy
University Library
Data Analysis
Ethical Issues
Data Quality, Validity and Reliability
Limitations of the Research

4: Data Analysis and Key Findings
Research Hypothesis 1: Consumers are increasingly using Social Media
General Information
Questions about Social Media
Research Hypothesis 2: Brands Are Increasingly Using Social Media As Tool Of Marketing
Case Study 1: OREO
Case Study 2: ASOS Plc

5: Conclusion
Recommendations for Aspiring Brands
Future Research



Social Media Activities on the Brand Choice of Consumers Dissertation
Social Media Activities on the Brand Choice of Consumers Dissertation

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