Impact of Brand Equity on Market Sustainability and Growth – A Critical Evaluation of the Premier Inn Brand (2014)

Impact of Brand Equity on Market Sustainability and Growth Dissertation – In fiercely competitive markets, one of the challenges that lie before the organisations is growing in the future or atleast sustaining its existing market share. Clearly the double dip recession, gloomy outlook of European economies and sovereign debt crisis had a profound impact on modern day’s businesses. Most businesses are looking for various internal advantages that can enable these businesses to meet the challenges of market sustainability and future growth.

Amongst various parameters, that can enable a business to grow in future or atleast sustain its market share, are developing human assets, improving quality (customer services in services industry), developing brand equity or looking for new channels of advertising i.e. social media and mobile marketing. Most established businesses are increasingly investing in brands and social media to keep growing in future and sustain its share of the market. The question however is, does brand equity meets the challenges of market sustainability and future growth.

To prove this point, one of the established brands in the budgeted hotel chains was chosen and the image of being ‘affordable’ was tested through surveying various consumers in the marketplace. The second part however deals with the role social media in meeting the challenges of market sustainability and future growth. The research aims at examining and investigating the influences of brand equity in competitive advantage and performance of Premier Inn Group of hotels based in the United Kingdom.

According to the existing literature, brand equity is the value added for products and services that will help businesses obtain greater competitive advantage and improved performance, hence sustaining the market share and growing in future. In this study, different dimensions for antecedent of brand equity including brand awareness and brand recognition are being considered. The results indicate that the brand equity has a significant positive relationship with competitive advantage and performance.

Market turbulence as a moderating between competitive advantage and performance do not moderate the relationships. Thus, theoretical and managerial contributions are provided and limitations of the current study and suggestions for further research are introduced. The first of the research proved that Premier Inn has kept its image consistent and hence this fact was reflected in growth of the brand in the financial markets and revenues.

The second part of the research observed that although Premier Inn realises importance of social media advertising strategy, but the brand has not yet been able to fully integrate the social media strategy with overall marketing processes. The report concludes with recommending an appropriate branding and social media strategy that Premier Inn can utilise to sustain its market share and growing in future.

Research questions:

  • Does Premier Inn’s brand recognition meet the challenges of market sustainability and growth?
  • Does Premier Inn’s social media strategy suffice to meet the challenges of market sustainability and growth?

  • 17,000 words – 64 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of findings
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Premier Inn: Company Description
Purpose of Study
Proposed Research Questions

2: Literature Review
Product issues
Pricing issues
Relationship marketing and Loyalty Strategies
The Hospitality Industry of UK
Brand Management in the Hospitality Industry
Consumer Behaviour in Hospitality
The Social Media
Role Of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Blogs In Brand Management
Corporate Blogs
Social Media and the Mobile Marketing

3: Research Methodology
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Data Collection Method
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Sampling Technique
Questionnaire Design
The Research Strategy
University Library
Data Analysis
Ethical Issues
Data Quality, Validity and Reliability
Limitations of the Research

4: Key Findings and Analysis

5: Conclusion
Build a Branding Strategy
The Social Media Strategy
Dealing With Negative Feedbacks on Social Media
Research Limitations



Brand Equity on Market Sustainability and Growth Dissertation
Brand Equity on Market Sustainability and Growth Dissertation

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