An Investigation into the Effectiveness of International Marketing Strategy Amongst UK Fashion Brands (2015)

International marketing strategy includes detailing showcasing system over a scope of nations. Various distinctive methodologies have been taken in examining worldwide promoting method, including the exchange cost viewpoint, institutionalization / adjustment, arrangement/coordination point of view, worldwide incorporation point of view, and the transformative viewpoint. Commonly, every spotlights on diverse choices or parts of worldwide promoting method and relates in numerous regards to contrasts in the experience of the firm in global markets.

Contingent upon the level of involvement in universal markets, the firm must manage issues identified with starting operations in worldwide markets, refining and creating worldwide showcasing method, or merging/incorporating worldwide procedure. In this dissertation, the proponent intends to evaluate the effectiveness of the international marketing strategies being used by various fashion brands in UK. In this study, the researchers used survey questionnaire focusing on the respondents profile such as age, sex, educational attainment, and employment status. The chosen respondents accomplished documentation by answering all the questions posted in the questionnaire.

The researchers followed the step by step gathering procedure in conducting the study. First, the title was formulated and then approved by their adviser. Second, the researchers asked the approval of the professor for the research to be conducted. Questionnaires were then distributed which was immediately followed by the collection of data. The data were tallied, analyzed, and interpreted using the appropriate statistical treatments. Through these methods, the researcher was able to see that the international marketing strategies being made by the observed fashion brands were performing effectively.

Research Objectives

  • To investigate the group of writing identified with international marketing procedures and practices
  • To investigate British Fashion brands regarding international marketing methods viability
  • To conduct a near study with respect to the benefit of diverse international marketing methodologies
  • To conduct an interior and outer industry examination of British Fashion brands and its vicinity in today’s globalized economy
  • To make suggestions for British Fashion brands through compelling internationalization exercises in today’s very focused environment
  • 14,000 words – 64 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good use of statistical analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Background of the Study
Research Background
Dissertation Statement
Problem Statement
Significance and Rationale of the Problem
Research Philosophy and Approach
Research Questions
Research Aim
Research Objectives

2 – Literature Review
British Fashion Industry
International Marketing Strategies
Market Division
Vital Pricing

3 – Research Methodology
What Is Research
Research Onion
Research Philosophy and Approach
Research Methods
Research Strategy
Data Collection Methods
Study Hypothesis

4 – Data Analysis and Results
Profile of the Respondents (Consumers)
Assessment of the Respondents on the Psychographic Questions
Evaluation of the Brand being used by the Respondents
Evaluation of the Fashion Brands Specifically its Marketing Strategy
Self-Assessment of Various Brands regarding Marketing Strategy Using the Adopted Questionnaire from ESIL

5 – Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
Managerial Implications
Research Limitations
Limitations of the Researcher
Ethical Considerations


International Marketing Strategy UK Fashion Brands Dissertation
International Marketing Strategy UK Fashion Brands Dissertation

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