Brand Identity and its Impact on Consumer Loyalty – A Study of Burberry (2014)

Brand Identity and Consumers Loyalty Dissertation – Corporations spend a great deal of resources emblazoning their image – using every conceivable space and all available communication media in effort to secure a position in the minds of fickle consumers. It is deemed by organizations to be a good use of time and money to create and maintain an awareness of their brand as set apart from the competition. Regardless of the sophistication or the scope, brands are a standard means of identification and differentiation within any proprietary framework.

With increasing emphasis on brand, branding and logos in order to establish identity among the consumers and buyers, it has become imperative to understand how brand identity influence purchase behaviour and the loyalty of customers. Many researchers have explored the phenomenon of brand identity and presented the belief that people connect to brands for the same reasons they join cults. Through brands such as Apple and Harley Davidson, people find meaning and experience community.

In his research he uncovered profound, almost cult-like loyalties to brands, among everyday types of people. He states that the brands themselves are the new religion. This cult-like brand loyalty necessarily attract a great attention to explore and examine how and why people become loyal to a certain brand and how brand identity can play a vital role in retaining them a loyal customer over a long time. Brand Identity can be described as a promise. It is given to a customer to expect some things may it be product quality, service or price. It varies from brand to brand.

The focus of this study is to examine the relationship between brand identity and consumers loyalty towards particular brands. The researcher is especially interested in exploring the brand identity in fashion industry. The researcher will thus attempt to examine how famous brands have attracted the attention of consumers, whether the brand image can make consumers loyal to the products associated with it and how consumers perceive the important of a good brand for their purchase intention.

The fashion world is currently exploding with brands that have leaped from the back racks into store window displays. But none has resurfaced as boldly as Burberry. Distributed through Burberry stores as well as specialty retailers, Burberry is an international luxury brand with a distinctly British origin and sensibility.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To define brand identity after the review the current and classical literature in the context of consumers purchase intention and loyalty for the brand.
  • To investigate the relationship between brand identity and successful marketing strategies
  • To examine the importance of brand identity from consumers perspective
  • 15,000 words – 52 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Background to the Research Problem
Research question
Purpose of the study
Significance of the Problem
Structure of the study
Research Hypothesis

2: Review of the Literature
Background Literature
Consumer Purchase Behaviour
Applications of consumer behaviour
Consumer buying behaviour
Post purchase behaviour
Types of buying behaviour
Consumer Decision Making
Consumer Measured Value
Identity of a brand
Brand Loyalty
Loyalty and Brand Value
Loyalty Segmentation
Enhancing Loyalty
Relationship between Brand Identity and Consumer Behaviour

3: Research Methodology
Research Methodology
Quantitative Approach
Advantages and Limitations
Qualitative Approach to Research
Advantages and Limitations
Case Study Approach to Research
Advantages and Disadvantages
Deductive Method
Inductive Method
Primary Data
Primary Data Collection Methods
Secondary Data
Proposed Research Strategy
Sample Population
Survey Questionnaire

4: Findings and Analysis
Research Oriented Questions
Evaluation of the questionnaire
Purchase of Burberry Brand
Importance of Burberry brand
Burberry product fan
Importance of being a Burberry fan
Feelings or Impressions regarding the brand
Hard to think about fashion without thinking about Burberry
Burberry as a leading brand in the fashion Industry
Choosing products that have an established brand Identity
Role of Logos in establishing brand identity
Media is an important source of Brand publicity
Determination of product value by brand image
Establishment of Burberrys reputation through brand identity

5: Discussion
Brand Identity
Customer Loyalty
Impact of Brand Identity on Customer Loyalty

6: Conclusion
Suggestions for Additional Research

7: Reflections



Brand Identity and Consumers Loyalty Dissertation
Brand Identity and Consumers Loyalty Dissertation

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