A Study on the Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing on Sales in Retail Industry: A Case Study of Tesco Plc (2016)

Social Media Marketing is one of the major marketing tools for business firms in the current stream of technological advancement though the concept of social media marketing is not so much old in the comparison of other marketing approaches that are practised by the business firms. Since the social marketing media is a comparatively newer approach for the marketers there are enough questions among the people who intend to use it. One the major issues that the social media marketing raises is the effectiveness of this approach on the sales of a firm. This paper is aimed to find out a reasonable answer to the issue and the objectives are set in the course of deducting a set of outcomes which can lead to achieving the aim of the dissertation.

The dissertation is segmented in six different chapters each of which has its own benefits and merits. The first chapter is related with the background of choosing such an issue and the rationale that can make the issue so much of being in a discussion. The second chapter is related with the prior research and findings which have a substantial amount of effect on from choosing the issue of research and conducting the research. The third chapter is on the research methodology discussion and the discussion on most applicable methods that can lead to the research to success.

Afterwards, the chapter of results comes in where the results are discussed. The final two chapters are about analysis and concluding the research. At this point, it is quite imperative to state that the research is based on the responses from a sample of 50 people residing in the UK. The sample is selected using a random sampling method. The results are calculated with the SPSS 16.0 version and Microsoft Excel. The approach used in the research is a deductive approach.

For achieving the aim different types of statistical tools are used which includes three measures of central tendency along with the standard deviation, correlation analysis, regression analysis and ANOVA. The central tendency measures give an image of somewhat agree category result and percentage analysis shows similar effects. The correlation analysis shows sometimes though a very little degree of relativity, a good amount of relativity remains among the variables.

The regression analysis which is considered as the core of all analysis has shown results that helped to reject the null hypotheses except for the brand awareness variable. These results have led to some important insights that can be very helpful for both the company Tesco and for further research on the topic. This research contains some important discussion on one of the most talked issues of the current marketing world. The number of researches done on the issue seems to be meagre in terms of the presence in the global village.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To critically evaluate if there is any relationship between the SMM process and sales of Tesco
  • To critically evaluate how SMM process helps to build up brand awareness of Tesco
  • To critically assess the relationship of SMM process and the brand loyalty of Tesco
  • To critically assess how SMM process helps Tesco to maintain a firm customer relationship

  • 12,000 words – 52 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Research Issue
Reasons behind the Issue
Benefits of the Research
Research Aim and Objectives
Research Aim
Research Objectives

2: Literature Review
Social Media Elements
Social Networks
Forums or Bulletins
Content Aggregators
Content Communities
Media Sharing Sites
Social Media Marketing
Brand awareness
Brand loyalty
Customer relation management
Importance of the theories discussed
Social Media Marketing in Retail Industry

3: Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Inductive research approach
Deductive Research Approach
Research Purpose
Research Strategy
Research Method
Sample selection
Data collection
Data Analysis
Methods and tools
Ethical Consideration
Limitation of the Study
Future Scope of the Research

4: Results
Internal Consistency Analysis
Descriptive Statistical Analysis
Mean, Median and Mode of Independent Variables
Mean, Median and Mode of Independent Variables
Percentage analysis
Correlation Analysis
Regression Analysis
The Regression Analysis of Independent Variables and Sales
The Regression Analysis of Independent Variables and Brand Awareness
The Regression Analysis of Independent Variables and Brand Loyalty
The Regression Analysis of Independent Variables and Customer Relationship Management
ANOVA Analysis (One-Way)
The variables and Income
The Variables and Time
The Variables and Age

5: Analysis and Discussions
Central Tendency Measures

6: Conclusion and Recommendation



Social Media Marketing in The Retail Industry Dissertation
Social Media Marketing in The Retail Industry Dissertation

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