An Analysis into the Impact of Online Promotional Campaigns on Sales of Oven-Ready Frozen Food Products: A Case Study of McCain, UK (2016)

For attaining competitive position in the highly competitive market, organizations are needed to adopt effective marketing techniques. Presently most of the customers are tech savvy, so, online promotional campaigns are highly effective for enhancing sales of the organization. In this context, the present study analyses the impact of online promotional campaigns on sales of oven-ready frozen food products by taking the case of Ready Baked Jackets of McCain in UK.

McCain is a popular frozen food retail brand in UK. Customer’s centric approach and impeccable online promotional activities help McCain to gain high sales of its frozen food products. However, recently, McCain has faced decline in sales of oven-ready frozen food products due to the inefficiency of online promotional campaigns. So, the researcher has decided to analyse the case of McCain in UK.

Positivism philosophy, exploratory research design and deductive approach were applied in the present study for analyzing the research problem. The researcher has collected secondary data by referring various existing studies and primary data was collected by conducting self-administered survey with 40 customers and individual in-depth interview with 4 managers of McCain. From the study, it was understood that, McCain’s online promotional campaigns were highly effective for enhancing brand awareness and thereby sales of the company. McCain has effectively used digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, etc for promoting the sales of its frozen products.

However, it was also found that, McCain was not provided equal importance to the promotion of all its products and the company was not effectively managed its online promotional campaigns. This has resulted to the decline in sales of Ready Baked Jackets. The researcher recommended for the adopting of attractive and informative online campaigns and equal importance to the promotion of all products for increasing the sales of McCain products.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To critically analyse the popular online promotional campaigns adopted by food processing companies in UK
  • To critically analyse the effectiveness of online promotional campaigns on improving sales of frozen food products in the UK ready meals market
  • To identify the efficiency of McCain’s online-promotional campaigns in increasing the sales of its oven-ready frozen-products with respect to the sales of Ready Baked Jackets
  • To suggest measures for improving the online promotional campaigns of McCain
  • 16,000 words – 66 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1: Introduction
Research background
Research aim
Research objectives
Research questions
Problem statement
Purpose of the study
Structure of the dissertation

2: Literature Review
Promotional campaigns
Online promotional campaign
Link between online promotional campaign and sales
Factors affecting the success of online promotional campaigns
Popular online promotional campaigns adopted by food processing UK companies
Model to study the process of online promotional campaign in enhancing sales
Effectiveness of online-promotional-campaigns on improving sales of frozen foods in the UK
The link between existing research and present research
Case study of McCain, UK
Conceptual framework

3: Research Design and Methodology
Research philosophy
Positivism philosophy
Interpretivism philosophy
Realism philosophy
Research Approach
Research Design
Research Strategy
Case Study
Data Collection Methods
Primary data collection methods
Secondary data collection methods
Sampling size
Sampling techniques
Probability sampling methods
Non-probability sampling methods
Data Analysis Plan
Accessibility Issues
Ethical Issues
Research Limitations

4: Data Analysis and Interpretation
Qualitative data analysis
Survey analysis
Discussion of research findings
Identifying gaps
Judgement of findings

5: Conclusions and Recommendations
Evaluation of results
Limitations of the research
Recommendations for future research



Online Promotional Campaigns Dissertation
Online Promotional Campaigns Dissertation

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