The Impact Of Asda’s Marketing Strategies On The UK Supermarket Industry And How These Strategies Differ From The Marketing Strategies Of Tesco (2015)

Marketing strategies are activities that enable organizations to concentrate their resources on only the best opportunities in the market in order to increase their revenue generating potential and as well enabling it to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, businesses have to differentiate their marketing strategies frequently in order to meet the needs of customers and as well ensure that they attain market share, competitive advantage, and sustainability.

This study covers the UK supermarket industry by examining the impacts of marketing strategies employed by Asda and how these marketing strategies influence market share. The strategies are compared to those of its principle competitor, Tesco. A review of literature is conducted using both inductive and deductive approaches to find data relating to the topic under study. The deductive approach then proceeds to examine particular outcomes of the inquiry process by confirming whether the theory used in the entire research process is valid or whether it needs modification.

The idea of modifying the theory will be decided in light of the findings from the research only and only if it would be found necessary to do modify it to reflect the new findings. In order to obtain a clear picture of the situation, a research study is conducted whereby marketing managers, employees, and customers of Asda in Yorkshire are interviewed. Interviews were conducted to obtain firsthand information from the respondents and these interviewed were focused in identifying specific marketing strategies used by Asda in influencing the market share and as well identifying ways how they differed from those employed by Tesco.

This dissertation is undertaken to address a number of aims that will be realized through the evaluation of particular research objectives and research questions. Importantly, these aspects will be related the identification of the impact of Asda marketing activities on the share of the UK supermarket sector and as well identifying how these marketing strategies differ from those of the leading supermarkets in the industry. The aims and objectives of this study will be focused in answering specific research questions that support that are formulated according to the given objectives.

  • Analyze and evaluate the concept of marketing strategy to Asda supermarket
  • Prove that Asda uses differentiated marketing strategies in order to compete against its strongest competitor-Tesco
  • Show that Asda that Asda has specific marketing strategies to increase market share, enhance profitability and as well enhance improve its competitive advantage
  • Provide evidence that Prices play an important role in the UK retail industry and as well demonstrate that price wars exist between supermarkets in the UK
  • Demonstrate that marketing strategies play a significant role in Asda’s overall business strategy
  • 12,000 words – 56 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Dissertation Rationale
Research Aims
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Summary of Research Aims and Objectives

2 – Literature Review
Diversified Strategies
Customer Relationship Management/Marketing
Determinants of Strategy Success
Resource Based Marketing and Strategy
Sustainable Competencies
E-Commerce and E-Business
Increased Product and Service Differentiation

3 – Research Methodology
Research Methods
Research Design
Research Philosophy
Research Approaches
Sample Respondents and Sampling Technique
Data Collection Methods
Data Validation and Administration Instrument
Interviews and Questionnaires
Focus Groups
Reliability and Representativeness of the Interview
Limitations and Bias

4 – Data Analysis and Interpretation
Profile of Respondent Results
The Managers
Focus Groups
Summary of Results
Tabular Representation of Responses
Managers and Employees
Discussion of Results
Analysis of Interviews
Loyalty programs and Voucher Reward Books
Price Differentiation
Opening Hours
Online Shopping Outlets
Non-Shopping Facilities
Non-Price strategies
Segmentation and Targeting

5 – Conclusion and Recommendation



Marketing Strategies of ASDA and TESCO Dissertation
Marketing Strategies of ASDA and TESCO Dissertation

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