Assessment of Green Marketing and Carbon Footprints within the Global Chemical Industry (2016)

Green Marketing and Carbon Footprints Dissertation – The purpose of this study is to identify factors that influence the chemical industries and its customers to buy environment friendly products. The study was to analyze the identified factors from the customers’ view that ultimately led them to think in different way. This dissertation is designed to answer various questions relevant to green marketing and carbon footprints in chemical industry. The topic is presently of great concern globally.

Several researches are made on green marketing and carbon footprints with the help of significant information provided by the experienced researches which assisted the thesis in deriving conclusion. Organizations (specially the chemical industries) are getting aware of the importance of green marketing and hence mending ways to produce eco-friendly products. The study used several quantitative and qualitative methods to ensure how much does green marketing influence carbon footprints in chemical industry. Data is collected primarily with the help of questionnaires that were filled in by the respondents of different genders, age groups and professions.

The data was collected using non-probability sampling. Calculations and estimations were therefore performed to get quantitative answers. This dissertation also emphasizes upon how chemical industries are contributing to the increasing number of carbon footprints in the atmosphere. It finds how well chemical organizations are doing to minimize harmful effects of production of their goods. Metrics of carbon footprints are focused. The study concludes its search and data estimations in a generalized way, giving possible solutions to our problem and finding ways to minimizing carbon footprints.

Research questions

  • What is the impact of chemical industries on environment?
  • How do chemical industries contribute to the carbon footprints?
  • What is the impact of green marketing on carbon footprints caused by chemical industries?
  • Contribution of chemical industries in green marketing?
  • What is the impact of green marketing on customers’ attitude towards purchases of chemical products?
  • 16,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Problem discussion
Research gap
Purpose of study
Research questions
Dissertation outline

2 – Literature Review
Green Marketing
Chemical Industries and Marketing-Mix
Definition of Marketing Mix
Chemicals and Products Quality
Chemical Products and Price
Promotion of Chemical industries’ Products
Place and Display of Chemical Industries’ Products
Chemical Industries Exposures
Plastics and environmental impacts
Beauty Products and Chemical exposures
Carbon Footprint
Introduction to Carbon Footprints
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Technology

3 – Research Design and Methodology
Philosophical Assumptions
Epistemological consideration
Ontological consideration
Research Approach
Deductive Approach
Quantitative Research
Research Design
Research Type
Data Collection Method
Choice of survey method
Factor Analysis
Quality Criteria
Ethical consideration

4 – Data Analysis and Findings
Demographic Analysis
Analysis on Lifestyle Measure
Measure of Perception about Green Marketing and Consumption of Chemical Products
Analysis on Attitude
Analysis for Reasons of Purchase

5 – Effectiveness of Green Marketing in Chemical Industries
Green Consumer
Eco-labels on Chemical Products
Green marketing and Eco-Management in Chemical Companies
Green Product Development in Chemical Industries
Greening in chemical departments
Environmental advertisement by Chemical industries

6 – Chemical Industries and Reduction in Carbon Footprints
Chemicals involved in carbon saving
Policy Recommendations
Estimation of Carbon Footprint of Global Chemical Industry
Industrial Biotechnology
Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-based economy
Progress in biotechnology and Greening the economy
Importance of converging technologies in chemical sectors
Biotechnology putting impact over the climatic changes and carbon footprints

7 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Practical Implications
Managerial Implication
Attitudes and Purchase Intention
Recommendations and Future Plans to Reduce Carbon Footprints


Survey Questionnaire

Green Marketing and Carbon Footprints Dissertation
Green Marketing and Carbon Footprints Dissertation

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