Effectiveness of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) (2018)

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as direct selling or network marketing, usually refers to the products or services sales that is provided by an agent to individual customer. Agents are rewarded through incentive schemes, and are also paid for the effort to introduce or recruit another agent or distributor, who duplicates their work to sell the product or service to others. Purchase of an initial startup package is required for an individual to qualify as an agent of a multi-level marketing company.

Distributor, direct seller, business owner or sales agents are the terms used to address the frontline representatives of a multi-level marketing company. Agents are not employees of a MLM company; they are not paid with a fixed salary nor given any employee benefit. They are completely independent and earn from reward plans and recruits. Agents are trained and motivated in order to promote the company’s products or services to his/her family and friends. Agents equipped with sales technique and product knowledge will tend to have better sales.

There have been other studies conducted concerning the factors affecting Multi-level Marketing agent’s satisfaction. However, the result of previous studies showed a broad explanation about the research topic. In this study, the researchers intended to provide more specific results regarding the level of satisfaction among multi-level marketing agents in Dagupan City.

This study aspired to (1) help the managers be aware of what factors encourage their agents to retain in the company, each factor will be justified on its effect to the agent’s satisfaction, (2) prove that multi-level marketing can be a legitimate source of income whether it may be a part-time or full-time commitment in the field of business, (3) provide a better understanding of the nature of multi-level marketing companies and make a proper distinction with the illegal activities associated with multi-level marketing that’s threatening the public, (4) improve the understanding on the satisfaction of an agent in MLM companies operating in Dagupan City.

The results of this study can be used by the MLM companies in improving their recruiting method, training program or to what aspect they are inadequate. The outcome of the study will help respondents to understand the differences in the level of satisfaction among MLM companies’ agents. Results can also be used as a reference for future researchers intending to study MLM companies’ agent’s satisfaction.

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1 – Introduction
Rationale and Background of the Study
Theoretical Framework
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Scope and Delimitations of the Study
Definition of Terms

2 – Literature Review

3 – Research Methodology
Research Design
Sources of Data
Locale of the Study
Instrumentation and Data Collection
Tools for Data Analysis

4 – Results and Discussions

5 – Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations


Survey Questionnaire
Computation of Weighted Average Mean

Effectiveness of Multi-Level Marketing Dissertation
Effectiveness of Multi-Level Marketing Dissertation

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