Role of Social Media on Personal Branding (2018)

The main purpose of the dissertation is to examine the significance and role of social media in personal branding. In this dissertation, I am going to focus on Manulife as a company and the role of social media can have in the company’s personal branding and increase in sales. As a professional in the insurance company and working as an agent, I undertook to perform a research on social media effect on personal branding. Being a progressive insurance company and an agent of changing people’s livelihood, Manulife insurance company can embrace social media in promoting their services. As such, it is significant to investigate the relationship between social media and personal branding regarding insurance company business.

Insurance industry continues to grow rapidly in this century. Products and services developed by the insurance industries are becoming basic needs to each one in the society. Nonetheless, insurance companies need modern marketing strategies to connect to their customers to increase their sales. This can be augmented by the insurance agents and staff. These are the category of persons who play a great role in connecting the industry to the customers. With the new era of online technology, it is therefore appropriate that such insurance agents adopt social media platforms to attract more customers for the insurance companies.

Social media has become an integral part of marketing goods and services that no company can afford to ignore the effects of social media on personal branding. As such, this research is on the significance of insurance agents in their relationship with customers, and how they can develop personal branding via social media. Additionally, it tackles the effect of social media on insurance agents daily work in increasing sales for the company.

The main objective of this dissertation is to study the role of social media in personal branding in Manulife. It also evaluates the effect of social media in increasing sales at Manulife Insurance company. Considering this primary objective, the other objectives of the dissertation are:

  • To explore the significance of social media
  • To evaluate the relationship between social media and personal branding
  • To identify the effects of social media on Manulife sales
  • To identify ways Manulife agents can employ usage of social media in attracting more customers
  • To offer recommendations on how best to use social media in personal branding at Manulife

  • 16,000 words – 60 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Background of the study
Problem statement
Purpose of the study
Objectives of the study
Research questions
Assumptions, Scope, and Limitations of the Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Personal branding
Personal branding as an Insurance company
Social media for marketing
Integration of Personal branding and social media
Benefits of personal branding on social media for a company

3 – Methodology
Research design
Researcher methodology
Data collection and selection of sources
Systematic review of sources and data analysis
Summary of methodology adopted

4 – Results
What is social media and personal branding?
What are the components of social media that can be employed in personal branding?
Is social media appropriate for personal branding in the modern world?
How to use social media for personal branding?
How can Manulife agents utilize social media effectively?

5 – Discussion
Effects of social media on personal branding
Choosing the best social media platforms for personal branding
Facebook as a social media platform for marketing
Google+ for social Media Marketing
Pinterest for social media marketing
Twitter for social media marketing
LinkedIn for social media marketing
YouTube for Social media marketing
Local based social media tools
Reddit for social media marketing
Why companies must use social media for personal branding

6 – Conclusion


Social Media in Personal Branding Dissertation
Social Media in Personal Branding Dissertation

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