The Effects of Marketing Campaigns on Product Sales – A Study of Coca-Cola (2019)

In the modern era of high levels of competitiveness, if there is one prerequisite to enable firms to gain competitive advantage, it is the need to market commodities effectively and efficiently. Since numerous funds are being channelled to marketing campaigns, evaluating its effects remains fundamental for businesses particularly for those that belong to the collusive oligopolistic market of soft drinks where marketing assists in making an impact in the market place.

This dissertation evaluates the extent of influence advertising strategies have on the purchasing behaviour of customers, with reference to Coca-Cola marketing campaigns. The research design and methodology adopted in this survey comprise a review on a sample of 150 participants, and the result revealed the positive effect of marketing campaigns on the level of consumption in the soft drink market of the UK’s capital city London. It was determined that at the present time, it is essential to sustain the loyalty of consumers to the firm’s commodities, therefore the need to design relevant marketing approaches, such as brand equity to preclude customers from turning disloyal to the company’s brand.

The marketing and advertising industry remains to be a fundamental segment in the core of radical transformation. Over the years, it has faced a host of technological, geographical and organizational modifications. Several research scholars in their surveys highlighted on the marketing mix in general which involves; individual selling, sales elevation, and publicity. Others explained marketing as a channel of information between the seller and the buyer.

This project will address informative and persuasive advertising as the knowledge gap on the successful application of marketing campaigns to commodities offered by Coca-Cola organization. The research was carried out in London with reference to Coca-Cola as a case study and was mostly emphasised on the contribution of marketing campaigns on sales improvement. The study involved a significant number of respondents in order to have a proper assessment of the research questions and objectives.

Dissertation objectives

  • To analyse the extent to which customers are impacted by Coca-Cola advertising in the London demographic
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of Coca-Cola advertisements
  • To assess customer’s insights of Coca-Cola advertisements in the London demographic
  • 10,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Study Background
Statement of the Problem
Objective of the Research
General Objective
Specific Objectives
Study Questions
Scope of the Study
Significance of the Research
Limitations of the Research
Structure of the Study

2 – Literature Review
Significance of Advertising
Standardisation versus Localisation
Marketing and Customer Behaviour
Branding and Customer Behaviour
Coca-Cola Marketing Approach
Marketing Theory
Marketing Orientation and Positioning
The Marketing Environment
Social-cultural Environment
Innovation/Technological Environment
Political Environment
Marketing Mix
Competitive Pricing Strategy
Cost-Based Pricing Policy
SWOT Analysis

3 – Research Design and Methodology
Study Area
Study Population
Research Design
Sample Size and Sampling Methods
Data Collection Methods
Validity and Reliability
Data Analysis Techniques

4 – Findings and Discussions
Soft Drink Consumption

5 – Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations and Policy Implications
Summary of findings
Policy Implications
Fields for further research


Effects of Marketing Campaigns on Product Sales Dissertation
Effects of Marketing Campaigns on Product Sales Dissertation

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