Assessment of Hunger Marketing Strategy (2018)

This dissertation assesses and analyzes the concept of hunger marketing. It asserts that hunger marketing strategy is a technique for adding value to corporate brand and boosting sales in which the product provider deliberately restricts the supply of products so as to achieve a situation of excessive demand.

Through extensive review of literature, where the relevant publications were selected from credible databases using the systematic literature review approach, the study has been able to establish the concept of hunger marketing from a wide perspective including factors for consideration when adopting the model, its benefits and drawbacks, the ideal market for its implementation, the best strategies for its implementation, and whether the model can be embraced as the mainstream marketing strategy for enterprises. The study also used primary research to arrive at its findings with questionnaires and in-depth interviews being the data collection tools employed.

A total of 310 respondents were directly involved in this research study; out of which 300 answered the questionnaire and the remaining 10 took part in the interviews. The study used mixed research design, which involved the combination of qualitative and quantitative research approaches. It main finding was that the hunger marketing strategy cannot be used as the mainstream marketing model for enterprises in the contemporary corporate world mainly due to high levels of competition in both the domestic and international markets.

Therefore, the study concludes that even though hunger marketing strategy has been proven to be effective over the years by some of the leading corporate brands in the world, it cannot be used as the mainstream marketing model for enterprises as yet.

Dissertation aim and objectives

  • To use credible evidence from secondary sources of information as well as a detailed primary research to comprehensively analyze hunger marketing strategy with a particular focus on determining whether the marketing model can be adopted as a mainstream marketing strategy for enterprises.
  • To determine the characteristics of hunger marketing model and to analyze situations within which the model is ideal for promoting company’s brand and increasing its profitability.
  • To analyze the strengths and drawbacks of hunger marketing strategy particularly with regard to their application in the business environment for enterprises.
  • To determine whether hunger marketing model can be used as a long-term strategy for enhancing the brand of a company and improving its profit margins.
  • To analyze the key factors that determines successful implementation of hunger marketing model so as to achieve high profitability and improve company’s brand value.
  • 14,000 words – 46 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Background of Study
Research Problem
Research Purpose Statement
Dissertation Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Main Research Question
Supporting Research Questions
Significance of the Research Study

2 – Literature Review
Criticism of Hunger Marketing Strategy
Techniques for Effective Implementation of Hunger Marketing Strategy
Limited Stock and/or Supply
Time Limit
Special discounts
Theoretical framework of the Study
The Law of Supply and Demand
How Product Providers Use Supply and Demand Principle to Create High Equilibrium Price For Products
Case Studies of Companies That Use the Hunger Marketing Mode
Apple Inc

3 – Methodology
Research Design
Qualitative Research Approach
Quantitative Research Approach
The Advantages of Using Mixed Research Design for This Study
Limitations of Using Mixed Research Design for This Study
Research Hypotheses
Research Reliability and Validity
Ethical Considerations

4 – Analysis and Findings
The Essence of Hunger Marketing Model
Factors to Consider When Adopting Hunger Marketing Model
Benefits of Hunger Marketing Strategy to Enterprises
Drawbacks/Limitations of Hunger Marketing Strategy
Whether Hunger Marketing Model Can Be Used As A Long-Term Strategy For Enterprises
Whether Hunger Marketing Strategy Can Be Adopted As A Mainstream Marketing Strategy For Enterprises

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations
Research Questions, Aims and Hypotheses
Recommendations Of The Research Study
Areas of future research



Hunger Marketing Strategy Dissertation
Hunger Marketing Strategy Dissertation

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