A Comparable Analysis into Cultural Influences That Affect Consumer Behaviour – A Case Study of the Fast Food Industry (2017)

Fast Food Industry and Cultural Influences Dissertation – The aim of this dissertation was to explore how culture influences marketing strategy and consumer behaviour of fast food industry. Multiple case study method was adopted to see the cultural effect on McDonalds and KFC’s marketing strategies in the UK and India. Findings of this study were based on secondary data; no primary data were collected as a part of the study. Major sources of data include academic journals, articles, books, newspapers, company websites and company’s annual report.

Hofstede’s cultural dimension and 4Ps of marketing mix framework were used as a conceptual framework. Key findings of the study showed that McDonalds and KFC both had localised their marketing strategy in India. Most notably they had changed their food menu according to the local taste and culture and initiated promotional activities that were aligned with the local culture. Regarding the UK marketing strategy, the product was more standardised. However, KFC UK had introduced halal chicken to capture bigger market share among Muslim communities in the UK. Study findings show both companies had localised their marketing strategies.

However, in the case of UK, the rate of localisation was much lower compared to India. Findings of this study is expected to be significant for the fast food industry owners who wants to expand their business in foreign markets. Major limitation of this study includes data collection method. Primary data collection would be much more effective way to explore the influence of culture on consumer behaviour in fast food industry.

The aim of the dissertation is to investigate how national cultural influence consumer behaviour and the international marketing strategy of fast food industry.

Dissertation objectives

  • To explore the relationship between culture, consumer behaviour and international marketing strategy
  • To evaluate the current marketing strategy of McDonalds and KFC in the UK and India
  • To explore measures taken by McDonalds and KFC to address The UK and Indian Culture
  • To investigate the similarities and dissimilarities of their cultural adoption method

  • 10,000 words – 40 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for international marketing students

1 – Introduction
Research Problem
Aim and Objectives
Theoretical Framework
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
Type of International Marketing Mix (Standardisation versus Adaptation)
Theoretical Framework

2 – Literature Review
What Is Consumer Behaviour?
Different Consumer Behaviour Model
Marketing Stimuli Influence Consumer Behaviour
Cultural Influence on Consumer Behaviour
What Is Culture?
Level of Culture
Home versus Foreign Culture
Cultural Difference in the UK and India
Previous Studies on Cultural Influence on Consumer Behaviour
Cultural Influence on International Marketing Strategy
Standardisation versus Adaptation

3 – Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Data Collection Method
Case-Study Organisations
McDonalds Background
KFC Background

4 – Analysis and Discussion
McDonalds UK
McDonalds India
KFC India

5 – Conclusion


Fast Food Industry and Cultural Influences Dissertation
Fast Food Industry and Cultural Influences Dissertation

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