Assessment of Mass Marketing Strategies Deployed by Samsung (2018)

The purpose of the dissertation study was to examine the mass marketing strategy of Samsung. In pursuit of the research purpose, research tended to examine critically the successful marketing strategies with the help of which business enterprise can expand their brand images within an international consumer electronics market. The key problem highlighted within this study was related with the need to re¬invent marketing strategies of the Samsung to help company in repositioning itself with new mass marketing strategies.

It was also necessary to assess the effectiveness of current mass marketing strategies of Samsung to understand the significant role in Samsung’s success. A triangulation approach was chosen for the purpose of this secondary data analysis study. The findings of both qualitative as well as quantitative research findings were included in the study in the form of comprehensive literature reviewed and Samsung case study analysis. Results were presented using tables and figures along with ANOVA single factor and correlation test.

The results investigated through this study showed that Samsung needs to shift its focus from the simple mass marketing strategy to the mass customization, mass customerisation and personalization approaches. It is identified as highly necessary to initiate active involvement of customers in the brand selling process in order to create brand awareness of Samsung’s products in consumer electronics market.

Goals of business enterprises can be accomplished in a best way through mass marketing strategies. Therefore, the main aim of the research is to examine critically the successful marketing strategies with the help of which business enterprises can expand their brand images within an international market. For the accomplishment of the main aim of the study, following research objectives are set.

  • To identify feasible marketing strategies for company to improve brand selling
  • To examine development of new mass marketing strategies for increasing mass market satisfaction
  • To analyze ways of attracting customers towards the Samsung brand
  • To suggest the ways mass marketing strategies can be helpful in gaining customer satisfaction

  • 10,000 words – 38 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for marketing students

1 – Introduction
Research Problem
Research Questions
Research Aim and Objectives
Dissertation Rationale

2 – Literature Review
Theoretical Framework
Review of Literature
Concept of Mass Marketing
Mass Market Satisfaction
Consumer Brand Awareness
Types of Mass Marketing Strategies for Brand Selling
Marketing Tools

3 – Methodology
Research Design
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Case Study
Data Collection Methods
Data Analysis Methods
Research Ethics

4 – Case Study Findings
Qualitative Study Findings
Marketing Strategy Tools
Market Skimming Price
Challenges with Brand Awareness
Quantitative Sturdy Findings

5 – Discussion
Discussion Based on Research Questions

6 – Conclusion, Limitations and Areas for Future Research
Research Limitations
Areas for Future Research


Mass Marketing Strategies at Samsung Dissertation
Mass Marketing Strategies at Samsung Dissertation

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