Sustainability in the Airline Industry: The Role of Green Marketing and Its Perception by Millennials (2020)

Millennials and Green Marketing within the Airline Industry Dissertation – Green marketing is focused on a responsible approach to the environment, which is integrated into various areas of society. In order to build a successful and socially responsible brand, it strives to apply environmental principles that attract new customers or strengthen the loyalty of existing ones. To ensure success, it is necessary to focus on green marketing as a part of socially responsible brands’ communication to individual target groups, which can be divided according to the age of the consumer generations, which have similar requirements for product characteristics.

One of the most important findings is that sustainable personal air transport will be a game changer. Our survey shows that young people believe that sustainable personal air transport will drastically change society as we know it.
Millennials have a fundamental commitment to our planet, technological advancement and equal opportunities. Young people also have a vision of mobility and aviation is part of it. They see future mobility as an efficient, environmentally-friendly whole. They have a range of vehicles at their disposal, more than any previous generation, and aviation is one of them.

For Millennials, the main benefit of aviation is that it offers freedom and potential for driving technological change in the entire aviation sector. They can see its increasing accessibility and democratization. And they can see its appeal as a career choice for young talent interested in technology and innovation.

The aim of the dissertation is to evaluate the role of green marketing and sustainability promises in the airline industry and its perception by millennials – how important is this perception in the decision-making process when buying a plane ticket.

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1 – Introduction
Study Background
Problem Statement
Research Aim
Research Questions
Significance of the Research
Definition of Terms
Green Marketing
CSR Initiatives

2 – Literature Review
Sustainability Initiatives and Green Marketing in Aviation
Millennials and Air Travelling
Millennials’ attitude towards environmental-friendly products or services

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Data Collection Methods
Secondary Research
Primary Research
Selected Method and Tool
Data Analysis Methods

4 – Results and Findings
Age Group and Gender
Passenger Facility
Carbon Offset Program
Choice of Biofuel
On-board Recycling
Green Initiative by Addition of More Seats
Purchase of Plane Ticket in Higher Price
Airport Convenience and Flight Duration
Carbon Offset Program by Millennials

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations


Millennials and Green Marketing Dissertation
Millennials and Green Marketing Dissertation

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