Consumer Motivations for Purchasing of Mobile Games Among Youth in Saudi Arabia (2019)

Consumer Motivations behind the Purchase of Mobile Games Dissertation – This dissertation focuses on motivations of mobile games purchasing decision by youths of Saudi Arabia who were defined as individuals aged 15 – 24 who are in their early years of working. This population age group is more responsive to change and most likely to interact with new scientific and technological developments such as mobile games. The research will aim to answer the research question: What are the motivating factors for purchasing mobile games among the youth in Saudi Arabia?

Mobile devices such as phones and tablets which run on IOS or Android platforms are increasingly becoming the common targets for publishing mobile games by game manufacturers. The expansion of mobile gaming field is attributed to the growing market demand for mobile phones with more than six billion mobile phone subscriptions reported globally in 2012. The soaring mobile gaming could also be attributed to the increasing competition in the mobile industry that forces the mobile manufacturers and operators to find effective strategies to stay in business.

Mobile gaming could also be on the rise due to the benefits it accords the users, for instance it has been established that the players may play mobile games as a way of passing time while waiting, relaxing, diverting attention from something, and expressing creativity as well as for socialisation and emotional express purposes among others. As a result, the production of mobile devices with additional features to attract customers such as mobile games have remained a priority to the players in the mobile market. The study provides a fundamental base for the motivations and desires of Saudi youths towards mobile games, which beneficial for mobiles game companies which aim to reach this segment, the study also provides an initial understanding of the different motives among Saudi youths and other youths among the world.

Dissertation aims

  • To determine the influence of perceived usefulness of mobile games on the purchase of mobile games among youth in Saudi Arabia
  • To determine the influence of pricing on the purchase of mobile games among youth in Saudi Arabia
  • To determine the influence of advertisement role on the purchase of mobile games among youth in Saudi Arabia
  • To determine the influence of user satisfaction with mobile games on the purchase of mobile games among youth in Saudi Arabia

  • 10,000 words – 28 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for international marketing students

1 – Introduction
Background and Rationale
The problem statements
Research Objectives
Research Question
The scope of the study
The relevance of the study

2 – Literature Review

3 – Research Methodology and Data collection
Data collection
Social Responsibility in Research
Social Responsibility
Information Disclosure
Ethical Issues in Research
Informed consent
Respect for confidentiality

4 – Results and Analysis
Descriptive Statistics
Correlation Analysis
Discussion and Results
Pearson correlation
Multiple Regressions
Two-way Anova

5 – Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations


Purchase of Mobile Games Motivation Dissertation
Purchase of Mobile Games Motivation Dissertation

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