An Investigation Of How The Beauty Industry Can Effectively Use Social Media As A Communication Tool To Influence Customer Purchases (2019)

Beauty Industry and Social Media as a Communication Tool Dissertation – Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have evolved rapidly in recent years. Therefore, they have become part of the majority of the human populations’ day life. This acceleration in social media growth has faced many hurdles as it faced difficulties through rejection and many human cultures worldwide. The use of these social media platforms in the marketing industries has led to many studies. This is because they are being observed and viewed as modes of interferences in the physical purchase and buying of luxurious commodities such as beauty products; customers and many clients now prefer doing their shopping online at the comfort of their homes rather than spending much time going to the shops physically to buy the commodities of their choice, they have the alternative of making their choices through the social media networks, place the orders and get the goods delivered to them at their homes.

This study aims to give insights and shed light on how these social media networks affect the beauty industry. Eventually, this study provides enough evidence of the effective use of social media networks in the beauty industries. It gives insights into how using these social media networks, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, leads to increased sales, buying level of the customers and clients, and customer retention. This research concludes the best ways entrepreneurs can use to adapt communication design through social media networks effectively.

  • 10,000 words – 34 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questions
  • Ideal for international marketing students

1 – Introduction
Research Aim
Research Questions
Research Objectives
Research Hypotheses

2 – Literature Review
Texan Females
Beauty Industry Products
Social Media Networks
The marketability of Social media
The Influence of Social Media
Customer Loyalties
eWOM and Word of Mouth
Social Media Governance
The Establishment of Beauty Brands
Buyers Acquisitions
The Identification of Critical Needs and Associated Problems
The Frequent Search for Relevant Information
The Evaluation of Other Alternatives
Buying Process
Evaluation of The Customer After Buying A Commodity Through Social Media Platforms

3 – Research Methodology
Philosophical Framework
Research Design
Data Analysis
Ethical Considerations

4 – Results and Findings
Population Data
The Number of Participants
Age Distribution of the Participants
Frequency of Social Media Usage Among the Participants
Choice of Beauty Products
The Products Are Followed on Social Media Networks
Modes of Communication Between Clients and Sellers
The Preferred Content About Beauty Products on Social Media Networks
How These Social Media Platforms Influence Buyers’ Decisions
Correlation Test

5 – Discussion, Limitations and Strengths

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations



Beauty Industry and Social Media as a Communication Tool Dissertation
Beauty Industry and Social Media as a Communication Tool Dissertation

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