Can The New Retail Model Successfully Promote Brand Marketing and Development Strategies of Organisations? (2021)

Brand marketing and development remains an important pillar of any company considering the ever-changing business environment and the need to meet the needs of customers. The new retail model (NRM) has transformed many companies to utilize modern methods for brand marketing and development. However, it remains unclear how other companies using the traditional methods, can adopt the new retail model.

The aim of this dissertation is to utilize critical research methods as well as academic resources to analyse brand marketing and development in different industries under the new retail model, using Alibaba, Tesla and Burberry as case study. The specific objectives will be to (i) find out the usefulness of the new retail model in promoting brand marketing and development strategies efficiency, (ii) establish the challenges encountered in the adoption of new retail and (iii) explore how brands can adopt the NRM to enhance brand marketing and development efficiency. A quantitative research design using a deductive approach was used to investigate brand marketing and development in industries using the new retail model. A total of 102 customers that purchase products from Alibaba, Tesla or Burberry were recruited using systematic random sampling. Data was collected using questionnaires, entered into SPSS and analyzed for descriptive statistics.

All study participants (100%) knew about the meaning of the new retail model, stating the model integrates both online and offline channels to enhance efficiency in business operations, the model uses a consumer centered model to enable retailer’s service customers fast and effectively and it’s a model that uses technology to hasten business operations. Majority of the study participants (78%) preferred to purchase products from companies using the NRM over companies using traditional models, and found the companies more convenient, involved with more product awareness, and ensuring quicker delivery of products. The most challenging factor that companies faced using the new retail model stated by 49% was the changing customer expectations. Study participants suggested that integrating consumer input in decision making can be the best strategy that companies can use when adopting to the new retail model.

It is concluded that tor companies to thrive in the ever-changing business environment, its vital to adapt to the new retail model, a model that can enhance customer experience and improve sales. It is suggested that companies using the traditional model should consider transitioning to the new retail model to enhance brand marketing and development.

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1 – Introduction
Justification of the Research
Aim of the Research
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Structure of the Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
The Usefulness of the “New Retail Model” in Promoting Brand Marketing and Development Strategies’ Efficiency
The Challenges Encountered in the Adoption of NRM
How Brands Can Effectively Adopt the NRM to enhance Brand Marketing and Development Efficiency

3 – Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research approach
Research Design
Sample and Sampling
Data Collection Methods
Data Reliability and Validity
Research Ethics

4 – Results and Discussion
Socio-demographic Characteristics of Study Participants
Usefulness of the NRM
Challenges Facing Companies Using the NRM
Branding and Development Strategies Companies Can Use to Improve Customer Experience

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations
The Usefulness of the “New Retail Model” in Promoting Brand Marketing and Development Strategies’ Efficiency
The Challenges Encountered in the Adoption of NRM
Research Limitations and Direction for Future Research



The New Retail Model Dissertation
The New Retail Model Dissertation

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