Perceptive of Parental Attitudes towards the MMR Immunisation Programme

Parental Attitudes Towards MMR Immunisation Dissertation – The purpose of this literature review is to critique research carried out in relation to understanding parental attitudes towards immunisation. The author has researched studies that have association with immunisation coverage in general. Considering the high profile being given by the media towards MMR and the possible link with autism, there is special emphasis on this particular subject.

Investigation of various reference sources such as university libraries and the Internet provided the author with ten articles for review. Key words were used in the search for relevant material, whilst emphasis was also placed on the requirement for contemporary reports. Considering the impact of the Wakefield scare it was imperative that all research material was post this particular event.

The author chose articles that utilised different approaches in trying to understand parental attitudes towards immunisation. These articles used either qualitative or quantitative data or both, and adopted various means by which to collate their information. The main findings of the review indicated a marked increase in parental awareness of immunisation, and their perceptions of the risks associated with these vaccines.

It was very apparent that the Wakefield report had been a major influence in changing parent’s attitude towards immunisation. This also clearly highlighted the power of the media in drawing attention to the subject of immunisation and possibly causing the subsequent drop in immunisation coverage. Special emphasis was made in all the reports on the need for information and support from health professionals to assist parents in making the decision to immunise or not immunise.

Research has established that even parents who have immunised their children still have concerns about the safety and risks associated with immunisation. It is this need to reassure parents that should influence further investigation.

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1 – Introduction
Historical background
Personal perspective

2 – Literature Search
Search strategy and outcomes
Criteria for inclusion and exclusion
Overview of literature

3 – Issues Identified by the Literature
Method and Means
Awareness and information
Adverse effects of media coverage
Legislation and governmental policies

4 – Conclusion
Overall conclusions

References and Bibliography

Appendix Section
Summary of primary research publications
Appraisal checklists for primary research publications
Summary of principle discussion papers and reviews
Themes identified in primary research publications
Table of literature search and outcomes
Tabular example – Location
Record of meetings with personal tutor

Parental Attitudes towards MMR Immunisation Dissertation
Parental Attitudes towards MMR Immunisation Dissertation

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