The Predisposing Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

The following study takes the form of a literature review. The purpose of this is to locate, appraise and critique evidence from primary studies, in order to provide focused answers to the questions relating to the chosen topic, which are Predisposing risk factors associated with breast cancer. Following time spent with a district nurse during a placement, I had the opportunity to nurse women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

This gave me an interest in this particular area. Having chosen this topic for the literature review will enable me to gain more knowledge about breast cancer. Issues related to this subject, such as Age, Family history and the contraceptive pill, are subjects that will provide the main chapters for the review. According to Cancer Research UK, Each year 44,100 women are newly diagnosed with Breast cancer. Although survival rates are improving, 12,400 people still die from the disease each year (Cancer Research UK, 2006). Some background information on breast cancer will be given as a foundation on which to build a constructive literature review.

The aim of giving background information is to provide information to place the literature review in its context (Bell 1996). The topic choice and methodology will identify the rationale for conducting the review and relate how the literature was obtained and analyzed. The chapters thereafter will focus on a number of themes emerging from the different sources. These themes will form the main chapters for the review. Then finally a discussion of the findings will be included.

  • 10,000 words – 40 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for medical nursing students

1: Introduction
Personal Assumptions & Beliefs
The Aim & Questions

2: Methodology
Searching strategy
Data Handling
Strategy for Analysis
Time Management

3: Oral Contraceptive Pill

4: Family History

5: Age
Summary of Findings
Limitations of the studies reviewed
Limitations of the review process



Risk Factors of Breast Cancer Dissertation
Risk Factors of Breast Cancer Dissertation

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