An Investigation into the Effectiveness and Benefit of a Pharmacy Medicine Information Helpline (2012)

Pharmacy Medicine Information Helpline Dissertation – There are many helpline portals available across the country, which is related to use of medicines with various services to suit the demands of society. Pharmacy medicine help lines in particular aim to answer any questions or concerns that the end user may have regarding their medicine or related service.

Questions may include information about the drugs; such as adverse effects of the medication they wish to use, possible interaction complications, and usage directions in cases where the details are missing within the dispensed drugs packaging, frequency of dosing, storage conditions and remedies for storage errors alongside numerous other queries that the consumer may have. The information is generally provided by the pharmacist, helpline information pharmacist or trained expert.

The purpose of the present dissertation is to analyse the efficiency of these help lines using a target population. Further investigation will target various subthemes such as analysis of benefits, risks, and utilisation of services, satisfaction rate and further referral advices rendered. To investigate the intended purpose of the study, a detailed quantitative study was performed using the target population and sampling techniques.

A predesigned questionnaire was then distributed to the target population and the responses were collected, tabulated and analysed using ANOVA and various simple statistical tools. The results of the study revealed that mixed responses were obtained from the target population which correlate extensive use of these services. Although some of the issues relate to confusion and dissatisfaction, most of them expressed happiness and satisfaction over the guidance provided by the services.

Future recommendations which could be tracked and hyperlinked from the present dissertation are patience, reliability of suggestions and detailed explanation by the staff working in these services. The main objectives of this research are as follows:

  • To determine the proportion of patients who follow the advice received from the pharmacy medicine information helpline
  • To determine the proportion of patients who found the advice from the pharmacy medicine information helpline useful
  • To identify the main benefits patients can gain from their use of the helpline or any negative issues related to that usage
  • To determine if any risks to the patient were avoided by using the advice provided by the pharmacy medicine helpline
  • To determine if patients who were referred to other healthcare professionals actually followed through on that referral
  • 11,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for health and nursing students

1. Introduction
Importance of Existence and Sustenance of Helplines
Research Objectives

2. Literature Review

3. Methodology
Study Design
Identification of Studies
Analysing Of Previous Queries to the Pharmacy Medicines Helpline
Questionnaire Development
Data Collection
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
Data Collection Tools
Data Collection Process
Collection of Previous Queries to the Pharmacy Medicines Helpline
Testing the Questionnaire
Main Outcome Measure
Data Analysis

4. Descriptive Analysis
Age and Gender
Referral to a Health Care Professional
Rate of Response
Clinical Area
Advice and Level of Enquiry
Change of Condition
Level of Satisfaction
Relationship between Variables and Level of Satisfaction Obtained Through the Service
Other Relevant Implications

5. Conclusion and Recommendations



Pharmacy Medicine Information Helpline Dissertation
Pharmacy Medicine Information Helpline Dissertation

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