Employee Health and Safety in the UK Hospitality Industry (2014)

A significant part of the economy of any country is made up of hospitality and entertainment industries. Any country‚Äôs economy has a huge employment proportion contributed by these industries, both direct employees along with part time and contract staff is hired. To keep the customers satisfied and to provide them with high standard of services, hospitality industry need to keep up with the pace which can be really fast and often requires employees to dedicate long hours to their work life. Therefore, to increase the productivity and morale of the employees, and to contribute to the well being of the employees, human resource management of these industries needs to provide its employees with a safe and healthy working environment. The hospitality industries workforce consists of a huge variety of employees and backend staff is often exposed to a variety of safety and health hazards due to the tasks they need to perform in the kitchen or other specifics tasks that they are asked to perform. Hazards such as chemicals, noise and thermal stress are a great threat to the health of employees and they also may be exposed to the risk of disorders like musculoskeletal. A risk like fire and explosion, burs, cuts, scalds, electrocution, falls, knocks, slips and trips are always lurking around the corner. Such risk are called occupational accidents and diseases which can result in absenteeism on employees part, suffering, sickness, loss in productivity, disability or can lead to deaths of the employees as well. However, all of the above accidents can be prevented if the company has devised a proper guideline for its employees and also provide them guidance on the identification of work hazards and how to prevent them. It is mandatory that employers should work in collaboration with the employees to avoid these accidents and to establish a safe and healthy working environment. Hence, the study will also aim towards answering questions like the importance of protection of employees’ safety and rights in the UK industry, the system needed for health and safety management in the UK and how this system will aim towards the reduction in injury and disease. The research objectives for this study can therefore be stated as follows:

  • What is the importance of protection of employees’ safety and rights in this hotel and restaurant industry?
  • Is there a need for the health and safety management system in the hotel and restaurant industry?
  • How the health and safety management system will aim towards the reduction in injury and disease in HORECA sector?
  • Is there a need to shift from traditional to innovative management system in the hotel and restaurant industry?
  • 10,000 words – 36 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for health and social care students

1 – Introduction
Research Objectives
Definition of Terms

2 – Literature Review
Health & Safety in the UK and European Countries
Types of Health and Safety Management Systems
Management Theories on Health and Safety of Employees
Limitations and Delimitations of the Study

3 – Methodology
Research Design
Choice of Theory
Safety and Health risks in HORECA

4 – Cases of Most Common Risks
Case study 1: Slips and falls
Case study 2: Manual Handling
Case study 3: Contact with detrimental substances
Case study 4: Contact with Hazards

5 – Analysis and Conclusion


Appendix Section

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