Is Hospital Inpatient Care Meeting the Needs of Elderly People with Dementia in the United Kingdom? (2014)

This dissertation focuses on, and assesses whether hospital inpatient care is meeting the needs of elderly people with dementia in the United Kingdom. Dementia has been defined as range of conditions which can negatively affect the brain and result in overall impairment of the functions of the person. Dementia affects the ability of the individuals to spend their life independently and it may also affect the social relationships.

Dementia is becoming more and more widespread in all societies including the UK which shows that it is a global problem. It has also become a major health concern in the present era which requires urgent need of action. Dementia cannot be considered only a problem of memory but it also reduces the ability of the patient to learn, retain or recall the past experiences. The feelings and day to day activities of the patients are also affected due to dementia which ultimately results in behavioral and mental problems.

The common issues faced by dementia patients is that the attitude and behavior of the staff at the hospitals is not cooperative which may be due to nurses or ward boys in the hospitals don’t have enough knowledge or information about dementia and they don’t have any experience that how dementia patients can be handled. The budgets allocated by the government to provide high quality health care facilities are very crucial for the dementia patients.

Statistics regarding the economic impact of dementia reflects that majority of the European countries are spending almost 1% of their GDP on dementia. The aim of this dissertation is to identify whether the hospital inpatient care is meeting the needs of elderly people with dementia in the United Kingdom.

  • To analyze the most common issues that dementia patients are experiencing while receiving in-patient care in the hospital
  • To identify the reasons why dementia patients are facing the issues while obtaining hospital in patient care
  • To raise awareness among the people and families so that they can make sure that their family members or relatives are receiving the right care essential to fight against this disease
  • 12,000 words – 36 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for nursing and social care students

1: Introduction
Study Background
Research Questions
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Rationale and Importance

2: Literature Review
What Is Dementia?
Issues Faced By Dementia Patients
Government Policies and Hospital in Patient Care
Strategies to Minimize Dementia
Economic Impact and Global Cost of Dementia

3: Research Methodology
Data Collection Methods
Research Limitations
Ethical Issues

4: Research Results and Findings
Analysis of the Secondary Data
Outcomes of Research Study

5: Final Conclusion and Recommendations
Final Conclusion


Dementia in the United Kingdom Dissertation
Dementia in the United Kingdom Dissertation

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