Understanding Mental Health Support Barriers for Young Black and Minority Ethnic People in the UK (2020)

The dissertation is based on the Black minority of people situated in the United Kingdom. Black minority ethnic individuals are defined as members of non-white communities in the United Kingdom. In this report, the term BAME is used, which stands for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic. This terminology is commonly used in the UK to refer to non-white people. It is observed that individuals belonging to these communities are more likely to experience ill health due to factors such as poverty and social inequalities. Many people from these societies face various issues or problems when trying to access health services and facilities. These issues are often due to discrimination, which contributes to their current situation and condition.

The study focuses on the barriers faced by young Black minority ethnic individuals aged 16-25 when seeking assistance from mental health services. It is necessary to evaluate and understand the problems encountered by this group while they attempt to access proper care services. The lack of access to these services creates severe situations for them. Various forms of discrimination faced by the BAME community in the United Kingdom negatively impact their health condition. This makes it difficult and complex for them to receive the necessary care, which is harmful to their well-being.

The research strategy will adopt a literature review approach, analysing existing scholarly works to gain insights into the prevalence, risk factors, barriers, and policy landscape related to mental health in this demographic. By synthesising findings from various sources, this study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the mental health challenges faced by young Black minority ethnic individuals in the UK and propose recommendations for improving mental health support and services for this population.

  • 10,000 words – 24 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
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1 – Introduction
Dissertation Rationale
Aim and Objectives

2 – Research Methodology
Study Design
Literature Search Strategy
Search Engines Used
Database Searched
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
Retrieved Scholarly Works
Data Analysis
Research Limitations
Ethical Considerations

3 – Literature Review, Findings and Discussion
Prevalence of Mental Issues in Young Black Minority Ethnic Aged 16-25 In The UK
The Risk Factors of Mental Health Issues in Young Black Minority Ethnic 16-25
Significant Barriers Faced by Young Black Minority Ethnic 16-25 With Regards to Seeking Help from Mental Health Services
Mental Health Policies and Practices for Black Minority People
Compare and Contrast Findings from Different Studies
Identify and Critically Analyse the Consistencies and Inconsistencies Emerging from The Literature Findings
Critically Engage with The Impact of The Methodological Approach Used in The Research Papers in Relation to Findings

4 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Summary of Main Findings and Discussion
Critical Reflection on Methodology Used


Black Minority Ethnic Sociology Dissertation
Young Black and Minority Ethnic People in the UK Dissertation

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